Blocking google youtube for OS windows 7

| Senin, 25 April 2011
Congratulations to to the users of Windows 7 much less about the hobby would be fun just to enjoy youtube feud Google and Microsoft to dominate the mobile platforms business. The problem recently has been circulating the news that Google has allegedly deliberately hindering smartphone based on Microsoft's Windows Phone to access functionality and services from YouTube, which in fact is now officially owned by Google after acquired some time ago.
I hope OS Windows XP home not only that in the block. I think you were in line with my saya.karena less like OS Windows 7 with all the applications that are less compatible with some types of games.
Complaints against the software giant based in Redmond was officially presented to the European Commission. In these complaints, the Microsoft protest Google has hindered competition in certain matters, including the one in the business sector platforms and mobile devices are a concern.
In a recent blog post, Brad Smith, who served as Senior Vice President & General Counsel at Microsoft Corporation, explains how Google has blocked WP7 device to be able to access YouTube, as appropriate.
"In the year 2010 and a recent case, Google has blocked the latest Microsoft Windows Phone to access YouTube," explained Brad Smith.
"Google has let the Android-based phones to access YouTube besutannya own so that users can search the video category, find your favorites, view ratings, and so forth in various user interface offered by the mobile-phone platform based on them."
In other words, or more precisely, the devices based on Windows Phone from Microsoft is in fact unable to access YouTube metadata in a similar way as the devices are powered by Google Andorid operating system that is able to do it with ease.
This will significantly limit the features available to users when accessing Windows 7 Phone YouTube furthermore, while the limited access the service or any application-based service.
Microsoft claims that by far the capabilities associated with Windows 7 Phone YouTube plugin available on the Marketplace in fact be regarded much less when compared with what can be done by Android or iPhone.
"As a result, applications on Microsoft Windows Phones Youtube is basically just a browser that displays web site YouTube, without the various functionalities that are offered on mobile competitors", said Brad Smith.
"Microsoft is ready to release a high-quality YouTube application for Windows Phone. We just need permission to access YouTube in a way that other phones already do, and so far Google has refused to give such permission "
According to Microsoft, this is just one of several examples that revealed that Google has hindered the competition so far and the irony of Google is also doing similar things in other areas.

Nvidia GeForce GT 520 for Entry Level Has Officially Released

After some details about the GeForce 520 GT was leaked some time ago, in the end Nvidia also be officially released entry-level graphics cards are new to the market recently.
Made by Nvidia's GeForce 520 GT is based on GF119 core architecture that has a relationship with Fermi. And it reportedly has in common with the closest relatives GeForce GT 410M and 520M. With this latest graphics card presence would shift the practical existence GeForce GT 220 graphics card that has been there before.
Nvidia's latest solution is to adopt some of the GPU GF108 and repacking of 48 stream processors, 8 texturing units, units 4ROP and 64-bit memory interface. It also consists of a video frame buffer with a capacity up to 2GB DDR3 and has a clock reference sebesar4 900MHz (1.8GHz data rate).
Core is working at 810MHz speed until 1620MHz. And as is usually the case with entry-level GPU, the frequency of operation and also may vary slightly depending on implementation.
As for 29W TDP only when the card is fully charged. While the power consumption when not in use (idle), reportedly only about 10W only.
Just like most entry-level graphics cards made by other Nvidia, GeForce GT 520 reportedly can also support DVI, D-Sub and HDMI 1.4a video output and power is provided via PCI Express slot.
Now it is quite difficult to review the performance of the existing GeForce GT 520. However, based on the 3DMark results that have been leaked previously reportedly made by Nvidia's latest graphics card is 30% faster than the Intel GPU HD 3000 is used by the Sandy Bridge processor.
Companies like Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, Sparkle, and PNY has announced a model ZOTAC graphics cards based on GeForce GT 520 is. And about the price itself, the entry-level graphics card Nvidia GeForce 520 GT is reportedly dibandrol sengan price 60 USD or 600 thousand dollars per unit.
Following specifications:Nvidia GeForce GT 520Manufacturer / Vendor NVIDIAGeForce GT GeForce GT 555M 500m Series 144 @ 590MHzGeForce 1996 GT @ 740MHz 550mGeForce 1996 GT 540M @ 672MHzGeForce 1996 GT 525M @ 600MHzGeForce GT 520M 48 @ 740MHzCodename N12P-GP/LVPipe 48 - UniteCore Speed ​​* 740 MHzShader Speed ​​* 1480 MHzMemory speed * 800 MHzMemory Bus Width 64 BitMemory Type DDR3/GDDR5Max. Total Memory 1536 MBShared Memory -DirectX DirectX 11, Shader 5.0Current consumption 17 Watt40 nm technologyFeatures PhysX, Driver Verde, CUDA, Optimus, DirectCompute, OpenCL, DirectX11, OpenGL 4.1Small size and lightweight notebookAnnouncement Date 01/05/2011

Fantastic firefox 4 on the download 7.1 million per day

| Rabu, 20 April 2011

Mozilla is still able to puff out his chest because the newest browser, Firefox 4, downloaded 7.1 million times in 24 hours since it was launched on Monday (3/21/2011). That is, the number of people have downloaded it three times Internet Explorer 9 which recorded 2.35 million times downloaded within 24 hours after first released a few days earlier.
"We are very pleased to report that during the 24 hours since the announcement, it has been downloaded 7.1 million times," wrote Gary Kovacs on the Mozilla blog. He said, adds to 3 million users of version release candidate (RC), which eventually released as the final version of the total reached 10.1 million people. Until now, the news was written after more than three days already on the top downloaded 22 million times.
Interesting facts of Firefox is its open source. The browser is designed to encourage Internet free, open, and accessible to everyone. More than 50,000 people have joined the Mozilla community who contributed to the further development of these browsers from one version to the next.
However, things are more important today, according to Gary Kovacs, is not just the number of users that much. Firefox 4, according to him, began to pioneer the re-defining of the browser, from a series of traditional code to display the information as simple and static links into a safe environment for users to surf the internet.
"At the moment the more we access online, we would expect more from a browser environment. We certainly hope that he knows who we are, where to visit. We certainly expect the browser to remember something as simple as a trail, passwords, open tabs , open applications, and remember what our habits, to which the usual online, what tools to use, and without entering anything more, "said Gary Kovacs.
Firefox 4 comes with a more clean than the previous version, but still gives the opportunity for users to personalize the theme of choice is varied. Its features are also added to provide more comfort while online, such as tabs that can be grouped. Speed ​​to access the web is also much faster and supports graphics look better

Mac OS X Big Cat

| Selasa, 19 April 2011

Mac slowly but surely eventually join the world fight in the OS become more exciting and lively course
Without a special warning, Mac OS X operating system made by Apple, known have very good graphics capabilities have aged a decade. Debuted a new formally made on March 24, 2001 and since then has been out several versions with a unique code name that is different types of big cats.
In the past ten years has been seven versions released and one is planned later this year. Each Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar, Panther, Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, and Lion will soon follow. Originally the name of the code is used only for internal purposes, but instead became a familiar designation for Mac lovers.
Mac OS X itself is actually already been developed since 1994 with Copland project at Apple. Then the platform is incorporated into Apple's Rhapsody developer release after Apple acquire NeXT full of diriikan Steve Jobs in 1996. Rhapsody evolved into Mac OS X Server (Hera) in 1999. Public beta version with the name of Kodiak out 30 September 2002 and newly released six months later the first version to the public.
Here's the way Mac OS X from time to time.
Mac OS X Cheetah
Apple CEO Steve Jobs said Mac OS X as an important platform for Apple after the first Macintosh operating system revolutionized the industry in 1984. When launched 25 September 2001, the first version supported 350 applications including iMovie 2, iTunes, and AppleWorks 6.1. The price is 129 U.S. dollars at that time and used in the iMac, iBook, Power Macintosh G3, Power Mac G4, Power Mac G4 Cube and PowerBook.
Mac OS X 10.1 Puma
Apple first introduced the second version of Mac OS X in July 2001 at the Macworld event and the newly released 25 September 2011. This difference is probably the fastest version of its predecessor for only six months. Apple's increasing by the name Aqua user interface and expanded support for the media and devices such as DVD, MP3, CDs, printers, and digital cameras. The price of a unit of a license when it is also 129 dollars.
Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar
A third version was introduced in August 2002 but was only available in the market August 23, 2002. For the first time, the code name used in media marketing. There are 150 new features including iChat, junk mail filters, and better network technology. In the first week, sold 100,000 copies. There are two packages available for 129 U.S. dollars and five-person family package for only 199 U.S. dollars.
Mac OS X 10.3 Panther
The release of this fourth version of the excess of one year with the previous version due to be released October 24, 2003. There are 150 new features added to Mac OS X 10.3, among others Finder with one click access to files and folders, display features Exposé, and iChat AV for videoconferencing. There is also a version of Mac OS X Server 10.3. It cost 129 U.S. dollars while the server is 499 U.S. dollar for 10 clients and 999 dollars for unlimited number of clients.
Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger
For the fifth version, the difference in time with the fourth version of a longer even more since coming out April 2005. However, there are 200 exciting new features like search function with Spotlight and Dashboard widgets that support for the first time.
Mac OS X Leopard
Leopard debuted in October 2007 with improvements in the file search feature with Stacks, redesigned Finder, Quick Look, and for the first time introduces Time Machine backups.
Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard which appeared in August 2009 may be a massive update in the overall system because Apple said it had updated 90 percent of 1000 projects involved in the development of Mac OS X. The size is only half the previous version because enough with 7 GB storage media. Has supported 64-bit processors.
Mac OS X 10.7 Lion
The latest generation named Lion planned to be released later this year. However, Apple has distributed a trial version to some developer partners. several new features such as file-sharing technology to wirelessly AirDrop and redesign Mail application. Also there is Launchpad interface tool for displaying the display screen to Mac iPhone and iPad. This platform will also support full screen multitouch.

A virus that attacks the web network


Do you know the virus Downadup, new heuristics and other vb.
how to solve it easily:
1. Turn off the network (unplug the LAN / Disable LAN Card), it's good to first download the required applications found on the links below before turning off the internet.
2. Type msconfig in the Run menu (Start -> Run), and select Services. Turn off services that odd (usually a letter or number that does not irregular)
3. Then still in msconfig, select Startup. Turn off Startup that leads to the C: \ WINDOWS \ System32, and were deemed unnecessary. (To reduce the excessive memory usage and speed up a bit rate of PC / Laptop)
4. Now to My Computer, then type in his address C: \ WINDOWS \ Temp And delete all files in the temp folder (the folder does not need to be removed, if the error message because it can not be deleted, so be it, delete all files that get deleted )
5. After finishing at the temp, now type back in My computer at his address C: \ WINDOWS \ Prefetch and delete also all the files there.
6.Restart PC / Laptop
7. If there is a virus Avast AV updated please scanning Via Safe Mode.
8.Repair registry with SmadAV.
So how to mngatasi virus that attacks the Internet network berikuta I will explain about the media are usually used as a place to spread.
According to security researchers at WatchGuard, the threat to corporate networks of the fastest growth today are web-based social media applications. The application of this type could cripple network security, open and sensitive data can mengurasi employee productivity.
There are a number of reasons why the application of social media can bring risks to the business, of any size. Here are a few:
• Loss of productivity: A number of research organizations have reported that the United States lost milliaran dollars per year due to reduced productivity. Employees lose productivity because the time is sucked into the social media sites. While social media sites are also useful for collaboration and communication, IT administrators do not have the ability to manage and control the web applications for business productivity or Web application in the form of games.
• Loss of Data: Although a number of countries already have rules about confidentiality of data, businesses are still concerned about data leakage, whether intentional or not. Unfortunately the power of social media as a medium of communication on the other hand creates a potential risk of leakage of information and confidential data. Administrators should have control over the application to reduce the risk of losing data, intentionally or not.
• Malicious software (malware) and the source of the attack: WatchGuard predicts that social networking will become a source of malware attacks in recent forward for three reasons:
(1) Social networking sites developed on the basis of trust. The purpose of the use of social media is to interact with people who are considered 'friends'. That is, there is confidence in these interactions. In fact, social media does not have the technical ability to validate whether they are considered friend is who he really is. Environment based on trust in social media is a fertile field for fraud with the method of social engineering (social engineering).
(2) Social networking sites have many technical weaknesses. Web 2.0 technology is promising a number of advantages, but in it was also stored various weaknesses. The complexity of developing Web 2.0 applications can create errors in the programming code so that applications are vulnerable to Web application threats such as SQL Injection and cross-site scripting attacks (XSS). Moreover, the concept of Web 2.0 that allows users who do not know their credibility incorporate Website content into conflict with the traditional security paradigm. Put simply, social media websites are more vulnerable to exploitation Web weakness than a website that is not interactive.
(3) The popularity of social networking. According to the analyst Compete, Facebook is the purpose of surfing the Internet the most popular after Google, followed by Twitter and YouTube. The attackers interested in the popularity of sites like that because they can get a 'payback' for the attack they did.
Various reasons above, research Watchguard has compiled a list of social media at high risk for corporate network security:
1. Facebook. Social networking site Facebook has become the most dangerous moment, because it is so popular among users, including businesses. With more than 500 million users, Facebook has become fertile ground for hackers (hackers). Plus a number of technical concerns, such as open App API (Application Programming Interface).
2. Twitter. Many people do not think the threat could come from only 140 characters, it is a false assumption. In some cases, a short Twitter posts are creating the weakness of penyingkat URL. Facilities penyingkat this URL can indeed save the character, but hackers could be misused to create malicious links. Additionally, Twitter is threatened attack from related weakness Web 2.0 and API, including worms.
3. YouTube. As one of the most popular video site on the Internet, the hackers also targeted YouTube. The hackers often create malicious Web page that masquerades as YouTube video page. In addition, the attackers are often flooded the comments section of YouTube with spam and malicious links.
4. LinkedIn. LinkedIn carry heavier loads because these sites are generally oriented business. This also attract hackers because it is very reliable. Because many users of LinkedIn use this site to establish business relationships, they generally display the information that could be sensitive and confidential, without them knowing it.
5. 4chan. Is a website to share images that are very popular. 4chan has been heavily involved in various Internet-related attack "anonymous," which is the only username is obtained users. The hackers 4chan forum flooded with spam.
6. Chatroulette. Is a website that allows users Web camera chat with other people at random. Anonymous nature of the website has become soft targets for Internet predators.

Virus Thieves with nicknames Liza moon


Again, the virus that is oriented to business interests that harm victims benefited financially and hackers, before we know the virus name Generic name while Microsoft itself known as Trojan: Win32/Marofev.B, the virus was first found at 3 september 2010
A computer virus is currently spreading massively infect hundreds of thousands of web site addresses worldwide. Be careful with the spread of a virus called "Liza Moon" is because it can drain your credit card.
Liza Moon does not directly endanger the victim's computer. Trick the victim with the virus seems to provide assistance antivirus. It will show any threat information that is on victim's computer and offered to help overcome them. However, when clicked, the victim must pay first with a credit card.
"Fraud using a very traditional antivirus scam," said Patrick Runald, digital security researchers from Websense as reported by eWEEK. He said, on March 31, 2011, the virus that is spread by SQL injection technique that has infected more than 500,000 web site addresses. This is the most rapid spread of scam on the web in a few years since the attacks of the same in 2008 and 2009.
Websense has been monitoring the spread of the virus since March 29, 2011 because of its spread is massive. When first detected, there are 28,000 newly infected web site address, but the number had grown enormously from day to day through the site using the CMS and the web version of the old machine. Infected websites will bring visitors to a web page notifying you that the sites visited contained malware and links to download fake antivirus.
so I suggest you be careful in this regard and use the antivirus which can be updated periodically, it's up to you automatic or manual updates, and make sure when you download the antivirus software to always be aware of the massive links or to deceive us.
Beware of links that you do not know and do not click on any of these links.

The following notification that the virus has been detected Liza moon

Cyber Attact


Much of what we know about all the possibilities that occur to komputerm ranging from viruses, spyware, addware, malware and others, whether in the form of attacks from outside as well as attacks from within, it can occur without exception
Cyber ​​attacks on critical infrastructure companies are on the rise, with a jump in an effort to blackmail and malware that is designed to sabotage the system, such as Stuxnet, according to a new report.
While attacks continue to rise, many companies are not doing enough to protect their systems rather than rushing to adopt new technology without ensuring they are quite safe against cyber attacks, concluded "In the Dark: Face Crucial Industry cyberattacks."
The report, due to be released on Tuesday, commissioned by McAfee and written by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). This includes the results of an electronic survey of IT security executives from 200 companies that provide oil, gas, electricity, water and wastewater services in 14 countries during the last quarter of 2010.
Security at the electricity company has been a concern for decades, but this issue became famous with the emergence last year Stuxnet malware, which exploits a hole in Windows systems and specific targets Siemens SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) program with sabotage. After surgery malware, experts say they believe it was written to target the nuclear facilities in Iran.
"Stuxnet change the game in our consciousness," says Phyllis Schneck, vice president and chief technology officer for the public sector at McAfee, in an interview. "The attack is being developed directly for the ability to create events on physical infrastructure."
About 70 percent of survey respondents said they often found the malware that is designed to sabotage their systems during 2010, and nearly half of those in the electricity industry say they find Stuxnet on their system. It was unknown whether one system is affected as a result of Stuxnet, but close to 60 percent say their company has launched a special security audits as malware.
The threat of sabotage, including smart electricity grid, which is being rapidly adopted without security measures in place adequate, according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office and independent security experts. Fifty-six percent of respondents that the company plans a new system of smart grid is also planning to connect to consumers via the Internet. But only two-thirds have adopted special security measures for smart grid control, the report said.
"We could end up with a grid connected to a public house 'which is not properly secured from cyber attacks," said Schneck. "If the system can be turned against itself, that is a disaster waiting to happen."
Another trend is happening with the company's critical infrastructure is blackmail. One in four survey respondents said they had been victims of extortion by a cyber attack or threat of attack with a number of companies subject to the extortion increased 25 percent over last year. India and Mexico have a very high level of extortion attempts, the report found.
"That could be an attempt to crash the network or it could be a denial-of-service," or threats to close the electrical network, said Stewart Baker, a fellow at CSIS.
Modest security fixes In general, this report shows increased levels of attacks and concerns about the attacks, but the modest improvement in security. About 40 percent of respondents said they believed that their increased vulnerability of the industry and nearly 30 percent said they did not think their company is prepared for cyber attacks.
"More than 40 percent of the executives we interviewed expect major cyberattack in the past 12 months - attack, ie, causing big losses for at least 24 hours of service, loss of life or personal injury, or failure of the company," the report said. Fears that the most stringent among executives from India, Mexico and China.
It has changed significantly from even a year ago. In 2009, nearly half of respondents said that they have never faced large-scale network intrusions or denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. Now, about 80 percent of respondents said their companies have been targeted by at least one major DoS attacks and 85 percent have seen a network disruption. A quarter reported daily or weekly DoS attacks and a quarter said they had been victims of extortion by a network attack or threat of attack.
Despite the increase in threats and concerns of the executives' about them, the company is not beefing up their security a lot. Energy companies, for example, increased adoption of security technology with only one percentage point, to 51 percent, and oil and gas company by three percentage points, to 48 percent. Brazil, France, and Mexico was left in response to their security, adopts a half just as many security measures as a leader in security - China, Italy, and Japan, according to the report.
China and Japan, who both report high levels of formal and informal interaction with their governments on security topics, are the countries with the highest confidence level that the law would prevent or deter attacks on their country. Meanwhile, respondents in the U.S., Spain and the UK report little or no contact with their governments on security. While all respondents Japanese companies have been audited by their government for security, only 6 percent of those in the UK has.
The company seems to have a relatively high level of distrust for foreign countries. About 60 percent of the nation state and the government blaming the other for being behind the attack. United States referred to as the country most concern for 2009, followed by China, the country called in an attack on Google last year. China took the top spot last year, according to the survey, conducted before reports began to surface late last year that connects the U.S. to Stuxnet.
Speculation that the U.S. is behind Stuxnet, with the help of Israel, supported by a report in The New York Times, including one who said Siemens give U.S. researchers the opportunity to identify holes in its software.
Summing up the conclusions the report, Baker of CSIS said he worried that the people tasked with making sure we have gas, water, and electricity in our homes and offices are not doing enough to protect that critical infrastructure.
all depends on how far you to anticipate problems.

Ways To Slow Computer 100% successful

| Jumat, 15 April 2011

Personal experience personally guaranteed nich try it worked.
Make you who feel very very slow computer could use this method try it if do not believe in and see for yourself.
This personal pengalamn and already applied, you do not have to do the install, or install hardware or whatever kind of nature to increase the attractiveness of your computer
All you have to do is enter just messing tweaking the auto settings on the easy and simple regedit cepat.mau know how nyasaya love how:
1) go star menu>> run>> regedit 2) go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER> Control Panel>> Desktop>> MenuShowDelay double click and change the numbers to 10 The next search HungAppTimeout double click and change the numbers by 5 2) Go to HKEY_CURRENT_MACHINE>> System>> ControlSett001>> Control>> WaitTokillServiceTimeout double click and change the figure with the figure of 500 ControlSett002 next>> Control>> WaitTokillServiceTimeout Double-click and change the numbers to 500 Next CurrentControlSet>> Control> Session Manager> Memory Management>> DisablePagingExecutive double and Replace number with 1
After Everything Done Exit Regedit and restart your computer You Then See The result, if you say there is no change in pinch me because you've lied .. he .. he .. he .. kidding me, hope this little article could be useful for you.
Well only time your computer is still slightly less fast in loading applications and other programs try to go to C: / Windows / Prepetch / and delete all the contents contained therein.
Furthermore, If it still looks too slow Go to Windows Explorer>> Drive C: Right Click Properties and Clean Up. Setetelah Done You Defrag, I do You Use Application advice Defragment Raxco that Version 10 For I have try on after finish Not Just be sure to File - File Data Only Go But Up System and the registers are also involved in his tidy.
I also pegel ngetiknya its session 2 I go .... tomorrow is still much to be done to make our computers run without stopping maximum. successfully mate

shield viruses to your computer


Computer networks and the Internet is now a need for a vital and it is believed that with a lot of computer network resources can be saved, such as funds, personnel, and others. In addition, with computer networks and Internet data traffic goes very fast, precise and accurate without any limits of space and time.
The use of e-mail, sharing and better data transfer cable, fiber optic and VSAT technology with VPN (Virtual Private Network) is already commonly done by almost all companies today, with so much needed network security system that is really reliable and can dispel various problems of data security e-mail in your server.
Currently, many not a few antivirus programs, both new and old that continue to be updated antivirus capabilities. Various antivirus company Mc Affee bleak, AVG, and others continue to seek to create new innovations for their antivirus programs are able to deter and eradicate spam, warm and viruses. In addition to manufacturing companies in particular antivirus program, concern as a corporate giant Microsoft operating systems, applications and programming languages, it is also very concern about data security systems and e-mail from the interference coloring, spam and virus.
Since a few years ago, Microsoft is already creating a network-based antivirus systems berlebel Microsoft Forefront. Antigen which is rebranded as Microsoft Forefront has nine anti-virus scan engine. With nine engine that is applied will be very difficult for any virus to escape.
Microsoft Forefront is already diinegrasikan for some network-based applications including Microsoft Forefront Security for Exchange Server, Microsoft Forefront Security for SharePoint, Microsoft Forefront Security for Office Communications Server, Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server and Microsoft Forefront Client Security.
Nine Antivirus Engine
There are two layers of very tough security in Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, first lie outside the network parameters (DMZ). In this case the Exchange has been built in the Anti-Spam, and the second is the anti-virus Forefront Security for Exchange Server and nine anti-virus engine in it will always be updated various types of viruses.
According to Novi, Microsoft Indonesia "This new system will check the email body and examine whether the files or e-mail that is prohibited because it allegedly contains confidential information. If found, then automatically emails will not be sent. Here the user can not add their own disclaimer , because the system will add a standard disclaimer on each email. "
Forefront Security for Exchange Server provides antivirus protection enabled at the server level to guide multi-scan machines, are also capable of combining the antivirus scan engines to laboratories around the world, it is automatically a few machines will protect your data from virus attacks. In this case you can choose up to five antivirus engines to activated, including anti-virus engine made by Microsoft and several additional machines become providers. Some machines that are partners Mcrosoft, including CA, Norman Data Defense Systems, Sophos, AhnLab, VirusBuster, Authentium, and Kaspersky Lab. Microsoft Forefront Security for Exchange Server provides support for the anti-spam from the Edge Transport server role to include updates automatically filtering against spam containing specific data as well as access to Microsoft IP Reputation Service, said Novi.
Forefront for Exchange Server
In this paper identifies not as a whole, but is limited to Microsoft Forefront for Exchange Server. Actually, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 itself is equipped with protection technology to help keep the system running and protected from virus, worm or trojan. Protection mechanism is applied to the Edge Transport server that has an e-mail gateway protection in the perimeter network. While the Exchange Hosted Filtering and Forefront Security is a security feature that becomes part of the Microsoft Echange Server. These features can actually give a sense of security in order to protect the company's e-mail gateways and other disorders, such as a virus that is increasingly fierce. In addition, the Microsoft Exchange server also has enabled the manufacture of cluster. Ability aims to keep the email they can be used in a single server or multiple servers without room and geographical boundaries.
Meanwhile, Ir. Gunawan Ramli, when contacted by phone some time ago said that in general, a computer virus grown much faster than the virus, usually after a virus, spam or warm circulating through the network, the company's new anti-virus makers try to create or update their antivirus programs. One thing that is interesting according to the aide Ketuia STIKOM mentions Binaniaga Bogor, Microsoft previously kuranag attention to this problem, in two or three years has started to concern tehadap this antivirus program. Sebutsaja such as Microsoft Forefront Microsoft Exchange Server. The program is capable to dispel the various matters relating to viruses and spam, especially an e-mail either incoming or e-mails that were sent, he added.
Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 seenarnya been able to help your company make a strong defense of spam and viruses, where it will protect your e-mail traffic on the network and internal servers. In this case, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 provides a choice of how network security will be applied. Edge Transport server rules server can be made as needed, and gateway protection can be included as the services controlled by Exchange Hosted Filtering. Both of these alternatives can diterepkan through the Exchange Enterprise Client Access License (CAL).
Regardless of the selected gateway email security, antivirus software should still be installed internally in order to maintain an email server virus attacks among local users. In this case Forefront Security for Exchange Server will simplify the installation of the mailbox, client access and hub transport server roles. Sophistication Microsoft Forefront provides flexibility antivirus program from a third party can also be integrated into the Exchange that the point to strengthen protection against virus attack mail in your server.
Microsoft Forefront Security for Exchange Server, is a product known as antigens, which provides virus protection for Exchange Server roles in an internal network. For organizations that build the Edge Transport server role, Forefront Security also provides anti-virus protection on the network side and will strengthen the anti-spam capabilities in addition to the Edge Transport server role. In this case Forefront included as part of the Exchange Enterprise Client Access License (CAL), however, can also be purchased separately.
The sophistication of the Microsoft Forefront Security for Exchange Server will provide server-level antivirus protection with manual multi-scan machines. Also, good content filtering capabilities and reliable, it would combine anti-virus scan engine to the laboratory in the world. So that some machines will automatically protect the customers or consumers of the attack or the latest generation of virus problems.
In the Forefront Security for Exchange Server, customers can select up to five antivirus engines to be enabled. Of course, including anti-virus engine made by Microsoft itself and some additional machines that have become providers. We have several machines that have become partners Mcrosoft, among other CA, Norman Data Defense Systems, Sophos, AhnLab, VirusBuster, Authentium, and Kaspersky Lab and others.
Another thing that is also very convincing from the Microsoft Forefront Security for Exchange Server is didukungannya against anti-spam capabilities of the Edge Transport server role to include filtering updates automatically, especially to data that indicates a special spam as well as access to Microsoft IP Reputation Service.
In the default state, anti-spam updates on the Edge Transport role is done manually. But in this case, for a network administrator must visit Microsoft Update every two weeks to download and install updates. However, Microsoft Forefront Security Automatic Update service facilities, so that will keep the Edge Server to remain safe and comfortable without intervention from network administrators.
Another thing that is not less important in the Forefront Security for Exchange Server, which is where the Edge Transport server role will receive daily updates about spam marker data. Data markers of this spam is essentially a small, but had a certain time limit. And thus they will be downloaded by the Edge Transport server role and is used in filtering to convert the data into the spam Spam Confidence Level is better known.
Meanwhile, Microsoft IP Reputation Service which is a list of blocked IP at a given time using the Edge Transport server role to block connections from known spammers. This listing is exclusively granted to the user via an Exchange Server Forefront Security for Exchange Server.
With increasingly sophisticated and changing the architecture of Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, it is very possible third-party antivirus software to be integrated into the infrastructure of this Exchange. There are some technologies that are applied to the Exchange Server, among others, Deep Integration for Antivirus Scanning. With Deep Integration for Antivirus Scanning, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 has a way of virus scanning is more effective, efficient, and can be programmed at the level of transport. In addition to ongoing support of Virus Scanning API (VSAPI) at the mailbox database, Exchange Server 2007 adds support for the transport agent on the Hub Transport and Edge Transport server roles. In addition, third-party developers can create specialized agents who use MIME and TNEF Exchange machine to the way antivirus scanning.
With the availability of the Stamp Antivirus, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 has a bookmark facility antivirus antivirus scanning to help reduce the number by marking messages previously scanned or examined by antivirus software and its results. Antivirus Marker will then be sent along with the message on the company and will be used for determining whether to perform an additional scan or not. Signs that show this will bring information anywhere that has done scanning and when a final message being scanned. So with enough information that causes the scanning that is selective for eradication of the virus as well as make optimal scanning process on the network.
By running attachment filtering on the Edge Transport and Hub Transport servers, an administrator can increase the protection of files and types of unwanted prior to entering or leaving the office via e-mail. Here the administrator can scan and block an attachment by size and type of file, such as shape files xzip can be researched by type of file. Therefore, an administrator can check the secret of email attachments that will come out.

here's how to overcome the virus sality


  Using the remover of avg, download these 3 files




     then run these three files and then restat
     Using the remover of kaaspersky

     Download here, sality remover
     If both ways does not work, unplug the hdd and then make the slave in another computer that installed KAV or NOD32 with latest updates, then scan. Do not forget to turn off system restore

Types of Computer Viruses Types and their properties

| Kamis, 14 April 2011

Types of Computer Viruses Types and their properties
For the umpteenth time I will make a related article from a virus, a rare but once there you will be made dizzy by it, here I will write about the types of viruses, there is probably among us who do not know about the types of viruses that normally attack our computers, do not know it was love pal

1. Virus Compiler,
virus that has been compiled so that it can be executed directly. This is a virus that first appeared in the computer world, and now experiencing rapid development. The first Virs is very tough to eradicate because it is made with low language, assembler. Indeed, the language is suitable to create a virus but it is hard to use them. The advantages of this virus is capable of doing almost all the manipulation that where this is not always accompanied by another type of virus because it is more limited.

2. Virus Files,
This virus is a virus that uses a file that can diijalankan / executed directly. Usually the files *. EXE or *. COM. But it can also infect files *. SYS, *. DRV, *. BIN, *. OVL and *. OVY. Type virus can move from one media to any type of storage media and spread on a network.

3. Virus Systems,
The virus is better known as a Boot virus. Why this is so because the virus utilizes the files used to create a computer system. Often found in the floppy disk / storage place without us. We will use a computer (restart), then this virus will infect the Master Boot Sector and System Boot Sector if an infected floppy disk in the floppy drive / storage.

4. Boot Sector Virus,
viruses that are utilizing the relationship between computers and storage area for the spread virus.Apabila on the boot sector there is a program that is able to spread themselves and be able to stay in memory for a computer to work, then the program can be called a virus. Boot sector virus that is two viruses that attack and virus that attacks the floppy disk and partition table.

5. Dropper Virus,
the characteristics of the virus iini is when a program is modified to install a computer virus that becomes the target of attacks. after installed, the virus will spread but did not participate Dropper spread. Dropper can be a filename like Readme.exe or through which becomes active when the program runs. One program can Dropper there is some kind of virus.

6. Virus Script / Batch,
you know this virus was originally known by names such as the first batch viruses contained in a batch file that is in DOS.Virus script usually often obtained from the Internet because of the benefits of flexible and can run when we play on the internet, this type of virus usually stay in the file HTML (Hype Text Markup Language) is created by using a script such as Javascript, VBScript, 4 and combination of the scripts that activate Active-X programs from Microsoft Internet Explorer.

7. Macro Viruses,
viruses are made by using modular programming facilities in an application program such as Ms Word, Ms Excel, Corel WordPerfect, and so forth. Although this virus contained in a particular application but the danger posed no less berbahanya from other viruses.

8. Polymorphic Viruses,
you know that this virus can be said smart virus because the virus can change its structure after carrying out the task so difficult to detect by antivirus.

9. Stealth Viruses,
In contrast with this virus Viruses in general that is by modifying the file structure to meyembunyikan additional program code in it. This code allows the virus to menyembunyika themselves. All kinds of other viruses also take advantage of this code. The sizes of the files did not change after the virus infects a file.

10. Companion Virus,
This type of virus is looking for *. EXE file to create a *. COM file and copy to put the virus. The reason, the files *. COM *. EXE file run before.

11. Worm,
Viruses are very often we meet, this virus is a program that is parasitic because it can duplicate itself. However, the worm does not resemble viruses because they do not infect other computer programs. Therefore, the worm is not classified into the virus. Mainframe computers are the type that is often attacked by worm. Spread on other computers over a network. In the development Worm experience "genetic mutation" that in addition to create a new file, he will try to attach itself to a file, the virus is usually called Hybrid.

12. Hybrid Virus,
This virus is a virus that has two abilities can usually get into the boot sector and also to get into the file. One example of this virus is a virus Mystic made in Indonesia.

13. Trojan horses,
Just Like Virus Worm Can Say Quite often in the encounter virus called Trojan horses. Trojan Horse does not spread like the others. Therefore, it is not classified as a Trojan Horse virus although the same characteristics. Trojan infects a computer through a file that looks harmless and usually it seems to do something useful. But eventually become dangerous viruses, such as formatting the hard drive.

Virus Type VBScript
VBScript type of virus attacks are still very high, as is evident from the many reports that complain about these types of script viruses. One virus that shot high into the first sequence is Discusx.vbs. If you still remember with these viruses, the Virus Top-10 March 2011 edition, Discusx.vbs virus is in the order 5, but this time he shot up into the first order. The following list details:

1. Discusx.vbs
VBScript viruses this one, have a size around 4800 bytes. He will try to infect at some drive in your computer, including flash disk drive, which if infected will create the file autorun.inf and System32.sys.vbs on the root drive. In addition, he will change the caption of Internet Explorer into ".:: Discus-X SAY MET LEBARAN! [HAPPY LEBARAN ?!]::.".

2. Reva.vbs
virus type VBScript Make us quite a bit of throe. He will try to spread itself to every drive on your computer including flash disk drive. On the drive there will be infected reva.vbs files, autorun.inf, and shaheedan.jpg. In addition, he will change the default page of Internet Explorer to point to the site

3. XFly
PC Media Antivirus recognizes two variants of this virus, namely XFly.A and XFly.B. Just like most other local viruses, he created using Visual Basic. Has the body size of 143,360 bytes without in-compress. And he can masquerade as folders, MP3 files with WinAmp or other direct means to change the existing resource icon on his body. It would be more difficult for ordinary users in recognizes. At the infected computer, when running Internet Explorer, its caption will change to "..:: x-fly ::..", and when you start Windows also will display the message of the creator of the virus in the default browser. Or every time show at 12:30, 16:00, or 20:00, even this virus will display a black screen that also contains a message from the creator of the virus.

4. Explorea
Viruses that are compiled using Visual Basic comes with a size of about 167,936 bytes, with no in-compress. Using the standard Windows folder-like icon to trick the victim. This virus will attack your Windows Registry to change the default open of several extensions such as. LNK,. PIF,. BAT, and. COM. At the infected computer, at certain times sometimes the error message, for example when opening the System Properties.

5. Gen.FFE
Gen.FFE or manufacturer named Fast Firus Engine is one of the locally made program Virus Generator. By simply using this program, did not take long to be able to create a virus / new variant. Virus output of this program uses the default folder icons like the default Windows image. He also will block access to Task Manager, Command Prompt, and eliminate some of the menu on the Start Menu. He will also read the caption of the current program, if there are strings associated with the antivirus program will soon be closed to him.

6. Empty
Viruses are also made using Visual Basic and had a folder icon has a body size of about 110,592 bytes, without being compressed. Lots of changes he made in Windows, such as the Registry, File System, and so forth, which can even cause Windows can not be used as appropriate. On computers that are infected by this virus, when you start Windows will display a message from the creator of the virus.

7. Raider.vbs
This VBScript virus type measuring about 10,000 bytes, if the virus file is opened with Notepad for example, it is not a lot of strings that can be read because of the condition unencrypted. In the Registry, it also gives recognition to create a new key in HKLM \ Software with the same name as the name of the computer name, the contents of a string value as the name of the virus, Raider, and the date the first time the computer is infected.

8. ForrisWaitme
Viruses are created with Visual Basic using the Windows default folder icon similar to the disguise. Some ulahnya was to swap the function of the left with the right mouse button, removes the Folder Options menu, create a file message "read saya.txt" on the drive is infected, and there are still others.

9. Pray
Local virus was created using Visual Basic. We found 2 variants of this virus, for variant Pray.A has no icon, while for variant Pray.B use Windows Explorer-like icon. If your computer is infected by this virus, when the computer clock on the show at 05:15, 13:00, 16:00, 18:30, or 19:45, the virus displays a message reminding the user to perform prayers.

10. Rian.vbs
VBScript virus has a size of 3788 bytes. When infected, it will create new files autorun.inf and RiaN.dll.vbs at the root of each drive that is installed on the victim's computer, including the Flash Disk. Computers that are infected by this virus, caption of Internet Explorer will change to "Rian P2 Cantiq PR.

Here are examples of Various Kinds of Computer Viruses are often encountered:

Virus: Trojan.Lodear
Trojan Horse attack when we download data from the internet. This virus will inject the file. etc. to internetexplorer.exe that cause system instability.

Virus: W32.Beagle.CO @ mm
Is a virus that sends mass emails to sites that have low security level. This virus can delete registry keys and its parts and may block access to security network website.

Virus: Backdoor.Zagaban
Trojan virus on this one particular computer injects to be used as a refuge to damage the network or network related.

Virus: W32/Netsky-P
The virus is able to deploy bulk mail itself to email addresses that are produced by a file on your PC / local drives.

Virus: W32/Mytob-GH
Virus spreader bulk mail and IRC is a Trojan for the Windows-based computers. Messages sent by this virus with a title chosen at random from lists that already exist such as: warning barring an account, email account suspension, safety measures, member support, a warning is important.

Virus: W32/Mytob-EX
Viruses that spread the bulk mail and IRC Trojan-like W32-mytob-gh. W32/mytob-ex continuously in the background, providing a back door for the server to reach another computer via IRC channels. The virus is spread by itself, particularly to address email attachments.

Virus: W32/Mytob-AS, Mytob-BE, Mytob-C, and Mytob-ER
This virus family have the same karasteristik for what they are doing. They spread the bulk email that can be controlled via Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network. In addition, they can distribute email via a variety of computer operating systems are weak such as LSASS (MS04-011).

Virus: Zafi-D
Brazilians virus bulk email sender and peer-to-peer which makes copies of itself to the Windows system folder with filenames nortonupdate. exe. This virus can make a number of files in the Windows system folder with filenames consisting of 8 random characters and a DLL extension. w32/zafi-d copying itself to folders with names containing share, upload, or music as ICQ 2005anew! . exe or winamp 5.7 new! . exe. W32/zafi-d declarant will also display an error box that deceive with the title "CRC: 04f6Bh" and the text "Error in packed file! ".

Virus: W32/Netsky-D
The virus is also sent through an IRC backdoor attack that serves also infect computers vulnerable.

Virus: W32/Zafi-B
This virus attacks the peer-to-peer (P2P) and email the virus will copy itself to the windows system folder which will be named automated random.

Virus Bagle.BC
BC Bagle virus is one type of virus that is dangerous and has entered the top ranking of the fastest type of virus affecting our computer. Several hours after the release of this virus, there are already 2 pieces Bagle variant (Bagle BD and BE), which spreads via e-mail, computer networks and P2P applications. This virus spreads via e-mail with a variety of different subjects. According to a study from Panda Software BC Bagle virus is seeping into the e-mail with the subject, among others: Re:, Re: Hello, Re: Hi, Re: Thank you, Re: Thanks. Attachment is also diverse, including:. Com,. Cpl,. Exe,. Scr. BC Bagle virus is also able to terminate antivirus programs.

Backdoor Alnica
Viruses are also dangerous this is one type of Trojan horse virus. Is one that if successful backdoor virus infects the computer be able to remotely access and retrieve any information desired by the attacker. The operating system is attacked by the virus include: Windows 200, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT and Windows XP. The virus is about the size of 57,856 bytes.

so hopefully this article can be useful to buddies

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