leak of Windows 8

| Rabu, 25 Mei 2011
Like the case of Windows 7 that she leaked to the public and now the windows 8 who was also leaked to the public, whether on purpose or not, I believe it's more aimed at boosting the public's curiosity that allows to increase sales for your products do not want to prejudice terbarunya.Saya first about this but it was definitely in my little heart ... I am also curious and want to immediately feel the performance of the windows 8.
Not just out on Windows 7, Microsoft is certainly still continue to innovate new operating system upgrade. Even OS Windows 8 reportedly drove in 2012. If the Mayan calendar is not proven and the apocalypse is not present in 2012, Microsoft will be poured newest operating system, Windows 8. Appropriately, three years after the appearance of Windows 7 this year.
This issue developed after allegedly belonging to the Microsoft roadmap yanng successfully spread across the Internet. Quoted from Electronista, the roadmap is described in accordance with the rhythm of launch Microsoft products.
For example, to launch Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2003 R2, Microsot takes time for two years, from 2003 to 2005. Similarly, when launched Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2.
Therefore, Microsoft is considered not require a long time to be poured back new operating system codenamed Windows 8. But Windows 8 secrets revealed: CALIFORNIA - Microsoft is full of anger, because the specification Windows 8, which is a continuation of Windows 7, leaked and spread widely on the Internet. Worse, the latest operating system dismantle it, is an employee of Microsoft itself.
Details about Windows 8 itself stems from Robert Morgan, who wrote in the column profiles on business networking site LinkedIn. Morgan who holds the position of Senior Research and Development write, if he worked in research and development department with high security level to medium-and long-term project. Neglectful in her profile, Morgan was working on writing projects and plans to make Windows 8 Windows 9. In the profile is also written "The kernel architecture of Windows 8 is compatible with 128-bit and Windows 9 are in the planning." So that was cited by PC World.
And as known, Windows 7 to be released on October 22, 2009, only supports 32-bit and 64-bit. To support its own 64-bit, Microsoft used it the first time in Windows XP Professional X64 edition, launched in May 2005.
There has been no response from Microsoft about the leaking of the operating system that is still a secret. Morgan who leaked Windows 8 and Windows 9 have deleted the text in the profile, although the 'footprint crimes' might be recorded in the Google search engine

Future Browsers


The desire to further simplify the appearance of the browser were increasingly strengthened. Various important features could not be hidden or removed if necessary, so that browsers can surf the more mild.

Even the trend in the future, the browser will eliminate the box Universal Resource Locator (URL) or more commonly called the address box, where users normally type the address of a website.

At least Google and Mozilla have a plan to rid the URL box, which normally lies beneath elongated tabs location.

In the version of the Canary (preliminary version intended for developers), Chrome 13, Google provides features 'Compact Navigation' which can be used to hide the URL box.

The box was only seen again when the user clicks on one tab. However, it will return the address box disappear when the user is not typing a new address or a direct pointer tetikusnya elsewhere.

As quoted from ConceivablyTech site, Google considers the removal of the address box it will make the web designer has a more roomy space to explore.
Meanwhile, Mozilla is also being experimented with, and provide features that are similar, via an add-on for Firefox Firefox 4 and 5. Add-on called LessChrome HD was able to hide all the toolbar below the tabs - including the URL box - when they're not in use.

Toolbar looks new again, when the user moves the cursor toward one of the tabs, or when switching to another tab.

The loss of the URL box in a browser, can be regarded as one of the important evolution in the world of browsers, since the emergence of the first Mosaic browser.

However, although there was quite revolutionary, in fact, the URL is only required when users want to go a particular web site. Once the user is in the target site, the address box is no longer needed.

To note, when users do not see the URL address of the site he visited, the risk of exposure to hazards from the user to a malicious web page could be improved. Therefore, users can more easily be targeted phishing (trap malicious links)

Di Jual Butuh Tanah dan Bangunan

| Kamis, 19 Mei 2011
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Logitech Z520 The best speakers 2011

| Minggu, 15 Mei 2011
Logitech Z520 Speaker System 

Manufacturer: Logitech
Logitech again, familiar language, this one vendor that can be said is the most nimble vendors and thirst for renewable technology, before the keyboard and this time the speaker may be tomorrow Muse or anything that smells of a computer solely to facilitate the operator in the operation.
Pros: computer speakers with 2 year warranty from Logitech is one of the advantages that no other manufacturer.
Disadvantages: Most of the Logitech products are still lost in the sound quality and bass are monotonous from year to year.
Conclusion: Although offering 2 year warranty, but the sound quality and bass that makes the monotony of Logitech speakers is still less interested.
Specifications 2011 Best New Computer Speakers
Bring your music to life at your desk and around the house.
All-around sound Wherever you go in the room, these speakers will of sound crisp and clear even if you're behind Them.
Party Power These speakers have 26 watts (RMS) of power so you crank up the volume for a party and hear subtle details, too.
Plug and stay You've got easy access to all your music with an auxiliary input lets you stay That connected to your PC and iPod.
Frequency Response: 70Hz â € "20kHz Sensitivity: N / A Speaker Type: 2-way - Active Impedance: N / A Output Power: (Total) 26 watts
Connectivity Auxilary Input: (1 / 8 in./3.5 mm) 1x Headphone Input: (1 / 8 in./3.5 mm) 1x Other (RCA, etc.)
Drivers Per Speaker Tweeter: 2x 2-in. Midrange / woofer Subwoofer 1x 4-in. Full-Range Passive Radiator Dimensions Height 7.8 ins. Width 3.5 in. Depth 3.5 in. Weight (Total) 5 lbs. Help & Support Warranty 2 years Phone Support: Check Mark Email Support: Check Mark Live Chat User Forums: Check Mark FAQs / Knowledge Base: Check Mark User's Manual: Check Mark Mac OS X Support: Check Mark Windows 7, Vista, XP Support

Logitech G15 sophisticated keyboard 2011


Logitech G15 keyboard is probably still a few of you are familiar with the keyboard of this type, this is a sophisticated keyboard that claims for the latest output for this year, this keyboard has implemented all the systems we need in this keyboard, ranging from gamers to monitor and control other Another is in a keyboard.

The following keyboards specifications are:

Input Device

* USB Interface
* Connectivity Technology Wired
* Buttons Qty 6
* Features Palm rest, LCD display
* Key / Button Function Multimedia, Programmable

Expansion / Connectivity

* Expansion Slot (s) None
* Interfaces None
* Connections 1 x USB - 4 pin USB Type A


* Cables Included 1 x USB cable
* Microsoft Certifications Works with Windows Vista

Software / System Requirements

* Software Included Drivers & Utilities
* OS Required Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista
* System Requirements Details Windows XP - RAM 256 MB - HD 20 MB, Windows Vista - RAM 256 MB - HD 20 MB

Manufacturer Warranty

* Service & Support 1 year warranty
* Service & Support Details Limited warranty - 1 year

Cable (s) / Peripheral (s)

* Cable (s) Included 1 USB cable

Interface (s) Required

* Port (s) / Connector (s) Required 1 USB 4 pin USB Type A

Interface Provided

* Port (s) Total (Free) None


* Service / Support Details Limited warranty 1 year

Expansion Slot (s)

* Slot (s) Provided None

Tablet computers is booming

| Jumat, 06 Mei 2011

Tablet computers is booming and mengahantui anyone who is always fond of each new technology. This touchscreen-based gadget getting a place in the hearts of consumers. Then what is the main reason people love to wear such a iPad tablet, Galaxy Tab or Motorola Xoom?

Bureau of the leading research, Nielsen, try to examine the reasons why people use the tablet. Here are the results as quoted from Fortune, Friday (05/06/2011):

- Easy to carry anywhere (31%)
- Interface / operating system easy to use (21%)
- Startup / off fast (15%)
- Convenient use (12%)
- The compact size (12%)
- Can be used in various places (12%)
- faster performance (11%)
- Like its features such as applications or calendar (10%)
- Light weight (7%)

On the tablet sales, Nielsen found that Apple iPad tablet is still very dominant with 82% market share. Then in second place there is the Galaxy Tab very far away with only 4% market share.

Tablet computers, for some people, it also minimizes the use of other devices such as desktop computers. Some 35% of owners claimed to be rarely use the tablet computer. While 32% of consumers tablets which also have a laptop, so quite rarely use the laptop.

so maybe this is the reason everyone preferred to use a computer tablet pc or notebook computer rather than even, more simple and practical and easy.

'Mango' update is a Windows Phone 7.5


While that in waiting for finally arrived as well, the more lively and exciting for the world of OS Mobile phone, is still fresh in our minds about the android is on the rise, and now that we are getting fed up with the ability of windows mobile 6.5 and 7, we have introduced with a new series of windows mobile 7.5.
straight to the point, well I'll try to write about this latest windows mobile.
Users of Windows Phone 7 (WP7) would have to wait for further updates from the 'NoDo'. According to one Microsoft partner, 'Mango' update is a Windows Phone 7.5.
"Preview of the Windows Phone OS 7.5," wrote a sentence that appeared on one of Microsoft's partner sites, as quoted from Gizmodo, Tuesday (26/04/2011). Description is then removed by the partner.
Also mentioned that the next major update will come at the end of 2011, but users can peek past the features that will be there. Reference to Windows Phone 7.5 is known to have emerged since some time earlier.
If this is the name of the Windows Phone 7.5 will be used, this means returning to the tradition of naming Microsoft Windows Mobile. Older operating systems are always put numbers behind it, for example: Windows Mobile 6.5.
Nokia, Windows 7 Phone closest associates at this time, reportedly awaiting Mango updates before they launched two first Windows mobile phone, Nokia W7 and W8.
Here are some features that will be present at 'Mango':

Multitasking and background processing
Audio File transfer
Transfer applications faster
Many applications integrated
Improvements in camera feature 

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