Some of the problems that often occur on a computer

| Jumat, 19 Agustus 2011

some of the problems that often occur on a computer
1.Pada when booting the computer displays the text "cmos check sum error" This indicates that the rock bios battery is already low, penyelsaiannya by replacing the bios battery stones according to the original size.
2.Komputer not display anything when turned on, no sound from the speakers or in other words, blank monitor. try to check the cable that connects between the VGA monitor, if not found problems vga cardnya likely damaged.
3.Komputer issue a beep sound when repeated in turn, check the ram was probably dust / dirt, try to clean it off and then plug it back, if the conditions are still the same advice I replace ramnya.
4.Saat in hidulkan indicator is continuously on the hard disk, possibility of hard disk bad sector is at the zero point, not so severe jike still be in the low-level format, then partition and format, then try the scandisk with a surface check.
5.Komputer Failur displays a boot disk or non-system on the disk. This indicates there is no system on the disk to be loaded into ram, or hard disk is not set to active at the time of partition.
6.Komputer be loading up to the windows environment, but it looks broken if it is set high or true color, indicating that the vga card has been tifak able to display colors and maximum resolution.
7.Kaat first time in turn on the monitor increasingly blurred.
vga means cardnya problem.
8.Monitor computer or hard rather die while in turn. the problem of loose wires on baguan power supply or the horizontal section.

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