Best antivirus for windows 7

| Rabu, 30 Maret 2011

 In your opinion, what is the best antivirus software for Windows 7? Antivirus do you use to protect your computer?

I use Kaspersky Antivirus 2011. I've been using Kaspersky anti-virus since 2007. From Windows XP and now Windows 7, I still believe that Kaspersky is the best antivirus software to protect my computer and help me fight the virus very well.

Why I chose Kaspersky antivirus? First, the mild and do not use many resources to run it. Second, I can adjust the settings (Advanced Settings) and set it to what I want. Third, it is compatible to run together with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware with no problems whatsoever. Finally, because Datuk Lee Chong Wei and Jackie Chan are their ambassadors, hahahahahaha, just kidding. : D

Yes it is, if you ask me what the best antivirus software for Windows 7, I would say Kaspersky. What about you?

You can download Kaspersky Antivirus 2011 and Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 with the following links:


windows xp for you to be nimble


Sometimes we are often annoyed because our computer at work that may be slow due to lack of memory or processor that already katrox and for the upgrades we need a lot of money even though pockets of students like us it's just barely buy food aja picky about what else to buy memory or processor donk yes dear, but I still have a solution that can be said we do not have to pocket a lot now I basically explain dulu.Pada computer is a tool that can work if there are software tools or software.
If you are still using the standard Windows software, your computer performance are also standard. Many hidden configuration that is in your windows. When - when now it's been a lot of software that allows you to uncover the secret behind the programs configuration windows. If the exact configuration as needed, then your computer will get faster in performance as well as connections to the Internet. No need to change their hardware or upgrade, try first to download "tweak" your computer. Guaranteed you will be more FAST computer!
We have a solution, we have some time to collect software tweaks to speed up the computer. And you no longer need to upgrade hardware that could be considered expensive. If you have to "tweak" your computer, then your computer will be 60% faster and more convenient to use for internet purposes.
If you've read or know about the "tweak" the software below would be very useful for you.
1. Software efficiency of RAM, among others:
Gold MemMonster Http: / / MemoKit Http: / / MemTurbo II Deluxe Http: / /
2. Software set the "hidden setting" windows:
PC Booster Http: / / Winboost 4 Http: / / PowerPro Http: / /

Tips and tricks to overcome the slow computer


Computer indeed is something that can not be terpisahakan of our daily life and activities - day, let alone the computer itself on the allotment to resolve the tasks - tasks that are important, but if you see a computer that is running very slow sometimes make us upset and frustrated, under this some tips to overcome them:
1. Too many applications installed
If you want to install the software should be an important and necessary, do not be too much mengistall software that is not used. This will automatically get the computer space that eventually will affect the computer itself. If you've already installed, you can remove them with a way to uninstall the application from the control panel.
How to click Start>> Control Panel> Add or Remove programs>> Select the application or software that will be deleted>> Then click on Remove.
2. Many junk files
This is probably often overlooked much that is forgotten by most people do not know junk files that should be in the waste. That the purpose of garbage files are: the files in the recycle bin, cookies, IE history, bak files, temporary files, etc.. When deleting unused files, those files are automatically deleted from your hard drive. Actually still stored in the recycle bin folder, and if you want to take back the files you have deleted was still able. You can delete all the files in the recycle bin because of all the files are still there in the hard drive.
Make sure you select the files that are already tidk used anymore, because when emptying the recycle bin then the files will be deleted permanently and can not be recovered. Cookies are also junk files that must be cleaned, the file will appear when we are connecting into the internet network. You can delete cookies in interrnet options in each browser (IE, Firefox, Opera, ETC.)
In addition to cookies history also affects the computer system (... although a bit), the more history is stored the greater the memory required. History files will automatically be made if we do browsing on the internet, if not in the clear will affect computer performance. Clean the history file on: Menu Tools>> Internet Options>> on each browser used.
And keeping application that automatically saves a backup file (Backup) like. Bak, backup, and others. So when saving a file the old file will still exist with a different name or format the BAK file. Clean the double files are not used, but it must be ensured that the last file saved is a file in use.
3. Many start-up application
Some of the software when first installed will menediakn choices are: Icon added to the desktop, and Quick launch, preferably if the application is not required do not need meletakanya in desktop or quick launch, because when I first start windows it will take a long time to me_load program.
Indeed, in passing will facilitate the application because we just click in the taskbar and application ikonya any way. But in fact become a burden the system because it must provide its own memory. This can slow computer performance.
Arrange Many diagnostic applications that are needed to how to set the configuration. Run from the Start menu>> Run>> typing msconfig>> Enter>> Disable the application that is not really necessary.
4. Scandisk and routinely Defragma
Like humans, computers are often used also need a refresher, especially if the computer frequently to play games, one of them is to do the scan disk and Defragma periodically, once every two weeks or once a month but the ideal is once a week depending on the frequency of computer use . Although something trivial but often forgotten some people.
Perform regular scandisk to fix hard drive crashes that often result in a sudden power failure. In addition to regular scandisk, defragma not least, this is very useful when high levels of computer use, the files should be placed as appropriate for the space (sector) is not empty apart, if messy file placement can result in slow computer performance.
5. Shutdown error
A very slow computer performance makes us upset she made, the more days makinlambat only. Sometimes the computer hangs suddenly when we're busy playing games, we will automatically turn off the computer by pressing the Restart button on the PC casing, so that we can not turn off the computer via the shutdown process because all the buttons keboard dead.
If we often turn off the computer via the boot, long may result in system oprasi not run normally and the hard drive will be damaged (Bad Sector). This is exacerbated keaadaan because the files exist in the system can not read bad sectors, so that the computer often hangs.
Now you can see the results, after the restart

Best Gadget 2011


Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2011 in Las Vegas ended. Various electronic gadgets latest generation of future trends exhibited complete.
Xoom from Motorola Mobility was ordained as the best gadget at the show Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2011
Here are the best gadget that hit the market::
1. Motorola Xoom One of the killer iPad at CES 2011. Xoom is equipped with dual-core processor has a speed of 1 GHz. In addition, Xoom also supported by the memory of 1 GB, 32 GB internal storage capacity and can be enlarged by using the SD card.
For display, the Motorola set-size 10.1-inch LCD screen. Xoom also has two cameras, namely the resolution of 2 MP on the front and 5 MP on the back accompanied by a flash lamp.
Honeycomb aka Android 3.0 is claimed to be the first Android operating system created specifically for the tablet. Xoom be special because the tablet first to adopt the Honeycomb.
2. BlackBerry Playbook BlackBerry Playbook other tablets were also present to kill the iPad. With processor dual-core Cortex A9, as well as 7-inch screen. Playbook will quench the thirst of BlackBerry users will be tablet PCs.

3. Motorola Atrix Motorola introduces new 4G phones Android. The phone is equipped with dual-core processor Nvidia, Tegra 2 1GB of RAM, and OS 2.2 Froyo named Motorola's Android Atrix 4G.
From the side view, the phone is still using Motoblur UI as the previous generation phone. This phone has 16 GB of internal storage capacity, and can be filled with a maximum of 32 GB memory card. Atrix 4G is expected to come the first quarter of 2011.
4. Sony OLED 3D Headset
Sony OLED 3D Headset3D Headset Sony-like properties in the movie Tron: Legacy. This device is suitable for use as 3D technology partner OLED TV, Plasma, LED and so on. The headset is packed with two 3D OLED screen resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.

5. Sony Bloggie 3D This is the first 3D pocket camera device in the world. This product has two lenses, two image sensors, and stereo mic to create 3D video amateur. The price is cheaper than a camcorder today.

How to wisely choose the most qualified computer

| Sabtu, 26 Maret 2011

when should you buy a computer you should consider adjustments to the needs that you need to use appropriate and useful
Three different sourcesWhen about to buy a new computer, it helps you find information hardware as much as possible from three sources: the user computer, media and manufacturing. All three certainly have a different perspective.
From users, especially those who already have experience, you can get a weakness and it keuggulan hardware. You also can follow the computer-related mailing list, and ask your confusion there, because the mailing list users often sharing information.
Information can also look for computer products in print media or electronic and manufacturing. From this third perspective, you can sort out which hardware that fits your needs.MemoryIt is better you not only have relied on the CPU speed and large hard disks. People sometimes do not pay attention to the needs of RAM (random access memory) memory aliases. In fact when the computer has limited memory, the system will not tell if he (computer-red) take memory. Eventually the system will use a hard disk instead of memory, technical language known as virtual memory or swap space. Should, Arm your computer with sufficient RAM. For example, at least 2 GB of RAM if you want to use the most recent operating system and all its features (Windows Vista-ed).
Test productFirst test of computer equipment to be purchased, for example conditions the keyboard, mouse and monitor. If you want to buy a laptop, make sure the mouse is pointing to work well. Note also the brightness of the monitor, especially laptops that are often used in bright areas. Make sure your monitor displays in good condition and in accordance with your eyes.
BrandTo be sure, most of the computer is made of the same components. Even so, choose the computer peripherals that have good customer support. Do not rely on one particular brand of PC, that PC brand A is better and much faster than the PC brand B. You can ask for references from friends and other users who have been using the product. Also check the warranty, support its products on the site, or if you need to contact the call support company with some questions.Moment discountComputer is largely a commodity. Therefore, in the market a lot of promo-promo digeber product aggressively. Nothing wrong if you look at stocks that have long product because it is usually the manufacturers reduce the price of long products, following a number of new models entering the computer. They usually also provide other incentives by offering special discounts, such as special promotions. More information about the computer

The easiest way to assemble a desktop computer

| Jumat, 25 Maret 2011
Components of computer assemblers are available on the market with a wide selection of quality and price. By assembling your own computer, we can determine the type of component, capabilities and facilities of the computer according kebutuhan.Tahapan in computer assembly consists of:

A. Preparation
B. Assembly
C. Examination
D. Handling Problems


Good preparation will facilitate the assembly of the computer and avoid problems that may timbul.Hal involved in the preparation include:

    1.Computer Configuration Determination
    2.Preparation Kompunen and equipment

Computer Configuration Determination

Configuring a computer linked to the determination of the type of components and features of the computer and how all components can work as a computer system as desired kita.Penentuan starting components of the type of processor, motherboard and other components. Factors suitability or compatibility of the components on the motherboard must be considered, because each type of motherboard supports the type of processor, memory modules, ports and I / O bus that is different.

Preparation Components and Supplies

Computer components and assembly equipment to be prepared for the assembly prepared in advance to facilitate assembly. Equipment is prepared consisting of:

     *Computer Components
     *Completeness of components such as cables, screws, jumpers, screws, etc.
     *Manuals and reference books from the component
     *Aids, flat and Philips screwdrivers

Baru! Klik kata di atas untuk melihat terjemahan alternatif. Singkirkan
Software operating system, device drivers and application programs.

Needed as a reference manual to know the chart position of connection elements (connectors, ports and slots) and element configuration (jumpers and switches) and how to set jumpers and switches are suitable for computer or CD dirakit.Diskette software needed to install the Operating System, device drivers from the device, and application programs on a computer that finished assembled.


The safety precautions required to avoid problems such as damage to components by static electrical charges, falls, excessive heat or spills cairan.Pencegahan damage due to static electricity by:

     *Using anti-static bracelet or touching the metal surface in the chassis before handling components to remove static charge.
     *Not directly touch the electronic components, connectors or circuit paths but hold on metal or plastic bodies found on the component.


Stages of the process on a computer assembly consists of:

    1. Preparation motherboard
    2.Memasang processor
    3.Memasang heatsink
    4. Replacing Memory Modules
    5. install the motherboard on the casing
    6.Memasang Power Supply
    Cable 7.Memasang motherboard and Casing
    8. Install Drive
    9. Installing the card Adapte
   10. Final Settlement
1. Preparation motherboard

Check your motherboard manual to find out the position of jumpers for CPU speed setting, speed multiplier and input voltage to the motherboard. Set a jumper as instructed, the error set the voltage jumpers can damage the processor.

2. Replacing processor

Processors are more easily installed before the motherboard occupies the casing. How to install the processor socket and slot type socket berbeda.Jenis
  1.Tentukan position of pin 1 on the processor and the processor socket on the motherboard, usually located on the corner marked with a dot, triangle or indentation.

  2.Tegakkan position of the locking lever to open the socket.

  3. Insert the processor into the socket by first aligning the position of the legs of the processor with the socket holes. Squeeze your until there is no gap between the processor with the socket.

  4.Turunkan back the locking lever

Slot Type

    1.Put buffer (bracket) at the two ends of the slots on the motherboard so that the position of peg holes with a hole in the motherboard meet
    2. Enter then the locking pegs pegs pegs in holes

Slide the card processor in between the two anchoring and press it to fit exactly into the hole slot.

2.3. Install Heatsink

Heatsink function is to remove heat generated by the processor via the conduction of heat from the processor to optimize heat transfer heatsink.Untuk the heatsink should be fitted tightly on the top of the processor with some clip as a drag while the contacts on the heatsink surface coated panas.Bila Conductor gene equipped with a fan heatsink then the power connector on the fan is connected to the fan connector on the motherboard.

4. Replacing Memory Modules

Memory modules are generally installed sequentially from the smallest socket number. The order of installation can be seen from the diagram motherboard.Setiap the SIMM memory module type, DIMM and RIMM can be distinguished by the position of grooves on the sides and bottom of the modul.Cara set for each type of memory module as follows.


    1.Sesuaikan indentation position on the module with the bumps in the slot.
    2. Insert the module by making a 45 degree angle sloping toward the slot
    3. Push until the module is upright in the slot, the locking lever on the slot will automatically lock the module.

Type DIMM and RIMM

How to install a DIMM and RIMM modules together and there is only one way that will not be reversed because there are two grooves for guidance. Perbedaanya DIMM and RIMM at the position curve

    1. Lay locking catches on the end of slots
    2. adjust the position of grooves on the connector module with a bulge in the slot. then insert the module into the slot.
    3. Locking latches automatically lock the module in the slot when the module is installed right.

6. Install Power Supply

Several types of chassis is equipped with power supply. When the power supply is not included then the way the installation as follows:

    1.Masukkan power supply at the rack on the back of the casing. Attach the four locking screws.
    2.HUbungkan power connector from the power supply to the motherboard. ATX power connector types have only one way of installation so as not to be reversed. For this type of non-ATX with two separate connectors, the cable-black ground wires must be placed side by side and mounted in the middle of the motherboard power connector. Connect the power cord for the fan, if using a fan for cooling the CPU.

7. Replacing the motherboard and Casing Cable

After the motherboard installed in the chassis next step is installing the cable I / O on the motherboard and the panel with the chassis.

    1.Pasang data cable for the floppy drive on the floppy controller on the motherboard connector
    2.Pasang IDE cable to the primary and secondary IDE connector on the motherboard.
    3.Untuk non-ATX motherboard. Connect the serial and parallel port cable to the connector on the motherboard. Note the position of pin 1 to install.
    4. On the back of the casing there is a hole to install additional types of non-slot port. Open the lock plate screw hole closed lalumasukkan port connector ports that want to set up and install a screw back.
    5.Bila mouse port is not available at the back of the card casing mouse connector should be installed and connected to the mouse connector on the motherboard.
    6.Hubungan connector cable from the switch on the chassis front panel, LED, internal speakers and ports installed in front of the casing if there is to the motherboard. Check your motherboard diagram to locate the proper connector.

8. Install Drive

The procedure to install the hard disk drive, floppy, CD ROM, CD-RW or DVD is the same as follows:

    1.Copot pellets cover drive bay (space for drives in the chassis)
    2.Masukkan drive from the front of the bay with the first set the jumper settings (as master or slave) on the drive.
    3.Sesuaikan position of screw holes in the drive and the casing and insert the retaining screw drive.
    4.Hubungkan connector IDE cable to the drive and the connector on the motherboard (the connector is used first primary)
    5. Repeat steps 1 samapai 4 for each installation drive.
    6.Bila du IDE cable connected to the drive make sure the jumper settings are differences both the first drive set as master and the other as slave.
    7. Secondary IDE connector on the motherboard can be used to connect two additional drives.
    8.Floppy drive is connected to a special connector on the motherboard floppy

Connect the power cord from the power supply to each drive.

9. Installing Adapter Card

Common adapter card that is installed for the video cards, sound, network, modem and SCSI adapters. Video card should generally be mounted and installed before any other adapter card. How to install the adapter:

    1. Hold the adapter card on edge, avoid touching the component or electronic circuit. Press the card to plug right into the expansion slot on the motherboard
    2. Install the retaining screw into the chassis card
    3. Reconnect the internal cable card, if any.
    10. End Penyelessaian
    1.Pasang chassis cover by sliding
    2. connect the cable from the power supply into the wall socket.
    3.Pasang monitor connector to the port video card.
    4. Plug the phone cord into the modem port if any.
    5.Hubungkan keyboard cable connector and plug the mouse into the mouse port or serial poert (depending on the type of mouse).
    6. Connect other external devices such as speakers, joystick, and microphone if there is to the appropriate port. Check the manual of the adapter card to make sure the location of the port.


The new computers complete assembly can be tested with the BIOS setup program. How do the tests with the BIOS program as follows:

    1.Hidupkan the monitor and system unit. Note the display monitor and sound from the speakers.
    2.Program FOST of the BIOS will automatically detect the installed computer hardware. If there are errors then display a blank screen and the speaker emits an alert beep on a regular basis as a code indication of errors. Check the reference BIOS code to find fault indication in question by a beep code.
    3.Jika error does not occur then the monitor displays the execution of the POST program. ekan BIOS interrupt button according to the instructions on screen to enter the BIOS setup program.
    4.Periksa all the hardware detection by the BIOS setup program. Some settings may have changed its value, especially the capacity of hard drives and boot sequence.
    5.Simpan change the settings and exit the BIOS setup.

After exiting the BIOS setup, the computer will load the operating system with appropriate search order settings in the BIOS boot sequence. Insert the bootable diskette or CD containing the operating system to drive the search.

Handling Problems

Problems that commonly occur in computer assembly and handling, among others:

    1. Computer or monitor is not lit, probably caused by the switch or power cord is not connected.
    2.Card adapter is not detected due to the installation of card not fitting into the slot /

LED of the hard disk, floppy or CD burning continue due to error or there are wiring connector pins are not fit to connect. Good luck and Good Work.

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