Nvidia GeForce GT 520 for Entry Level Has Officially Released

| Senin, 25 April 2011
After some details about the GeForce 520 GT was leaked some time ago, in the end Nvidia also be officially released entry-level graphics cards are new to the market recently.
Made by Nvidia's GeForce 520 GT is based on GF119 core architecture that has a relationship with Fermi. And it reportedly has in common with the closest relatives GeForce GT 410M and 520M. With this latest graphics card presence would shift the practical existence GeForce GT 220 graphics card that has been there before.
Nvidia's latest solution is to adopt some of the GPU GF108 and repacking of 48 stream processors, 8 texturing units, units 4ROP and 64-bit memory interface. It also consists of a video frame buffer with a capacity up to 2GB DDR3 and has a clock reference sebesar4 900MHz (1.8GHz data rate).
Core is working at 810MHz speed until 1620MHz. And as is usually the case with entry-level GPU, the frequency of operation and also may vary slightly depending on implementation.
As for 29W TDP only when the card is fully charged. While the power consumption when not in use (idle), reportedly only about 10W only.
Just like most entry-level graphics cards made by other Nvidia, GeForce GT 520 reportedly can also support DVI, D-Sub and HDMI 1.4a video output and power is provided via PCI Express slot.
Now it is quite difficult to review the performance of the existing GeForce GT 520. However, based on the 3DMark results that have been leaked previously reportedly made by Nvidia's latest graphics card is 30% faster than the Intel GPU HD 3000 is used by the Sandy Bridge processor.
Companies like Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, Sparkle, and PNY has announced a model ZOTAC graphics cards based on GeForce GT 520 is. And about the price itself, the entry-level graphics card Nvidia GeForce 520 GT is reportedly dibandrol sengan price 60 USD or 600 thousand dollars per unit.
Following specifications:Nvidia GeForce GT 520Manufacturer / Vendor NVIDIAGeForce GT GeForce GT 555M 500m Series 144 @ 590MHzGeForce 1996 GT @ 740MHz 550mGeForce 1996 GT 540M @ 672MHzGeForce 1996 GT 525M @ 600MHzGeForce GT 520M 48 @ 740MHzCodename N12P-GP/LVPipe 48 - UniteCore Speed ​​* 740 MHzShader Speed ​​* 1480 MHzMemory speed * 800 MHzMemory Bus Width 64 BitMemory Type DDR3/GDDR5Max. Total Memory 1536 MBShared Memory -DirectX DirectX 11, Shader 5.0Current consumption 17 Watt40 nm technologyFeatures PhysX, Driver Verde, CUDA, Optimus, DirectCompute, OpenCL, DirectX11, OpenGL 4.1Small size and lightweight notebookAnnouncement Date 01/05/2011

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