the flaws and weaknesses of windows 8

| Kamis, 24 Mei 2012


Indeed, nothing is perfect in this world, especially if menangkut something a human creation rather than divine creation, maybe if it could be a divine creation that none of the constraints and problems of each of his creations, different things with the creation of any sophisticated man would leave a trail shortcomings and weaknesses. As was the case padea windows 8.

Microsoft's latest operating system even though the title is the best OS but still it is still a weakness.

Here are some of the shortcomings and weaknesses of Windows 8:

    1.Metro multitasking. If my friend using Metro application (for tablets) in Windows 8, the screen will display two applications in a row. For beginners it would not be a big problem. But for the advanced user, multitasking capabilities with the Metro just for the two applications is a fatal weakness.

Metro overlapping Aero UI and UI. Developers found a continuous change that occurs between the tile-based Metro glassy Aero UI and UI. It is considered unreasonable and very confusing. Switching from Metro applications and desktop applications very difficult.

3.Metro. Metro was able to work well on the tablet but the UI is not compatible when used on a desktop. Hard to do for my friend who use the Notebook. So that by default Windows 8 might not be able to boot to the Metro UI. In other words, Microsoft needs to deliver kill-switch to turn off the Metro UI.

4.Difficult to move between screens. The absence of such a function Alt-Tab while working with the desktop and the keyboard to switch from one app to another app may be a very difficult thing. Instead, in Windows 8 Metro UI we can not use the pointer or the finder to put the screen on the left side and drag. It sounds very trivial, but the problem will arise when we work with many applications. There is no quick and easy way to switch between applications. If you move the mouse to the left then an icon pops up will. And if not right then we have to click a few times or try again.

5.Tiles. When Microsoft introduced the System Tray, the feature is referred to as critical that are designed to allow users easily access and view the status of a particular application will be expedited. But now in Windows 8, System Tray instead be very annoying. In Windows 8, Metro desktop UI will even become the latest System Tray. Each application will require the system tray. And the more applications you run, then the system tray will bubble. Although Microsoft promised to deliver applications that are lightweight and easy to administer, but if you use iTunes to stream and there are many other applications are running, can you imagine what would happen to our beloved tablet. Crashed!

There is no option to turn tiles into icons. The smallest size of the tiles, it looks too big. When will we install many applications the screen Metro will look chaotic.

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