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| Rabu, 25 Mei 2011

The desire to further simplify the appearance of the browser were increasingly strengthened. Various important features could not be hidden or removed if necessary, so that browsers can surf the more mild.

Even the trend in the future, the browser will eliminate the box Universal Resource Locator (URL) or more commonly called the address box, where users normally type the address of a website.

At least Google and Mozilla have a plan to rid the URL box, which normally lies beneath elongated tabs location.

In the version of the Canary (preliminary version intended for developers), Chrome 13, Google provides features 'Compact Navigation' which can be used to hide the URL box.

The box was only seen again when the user clicks on one tab. However, it will return the address box disappear when the user is not typing a new address or a direct pointer tetikusnya elsewhere.

As quoted from ConceivablyTech site, Google considers the removal of the address box it will make the web designer has a more roomy space to explore.
Meanwhile, Mozilla is also being experimented with, and provide features that are similar, via an add-on for Firefox Firefox 4 and 5. Add-on called LessChrome HD was able to hide all the toolbar below the tabs - including the URL box - when they're not in use.

Toolbar looks new again, when the user moves the cursor toward one of the tabs, or when switching to another tab.

The loss of the URL box in a browser, can be regarded as one of the important evolution in the world of browsers, since the emergence of the first Mosaic browser.

However, although there was quite revolutionary, in fact, the URL is only required when users want to go a particular web site. Once the user is in the target site, the address box is no longer needed.

To note, when users do not see the URL address of the site he visited, the risk of exposure to hazards from the user to a malicious web page could be improved. Therefore, users can more easily be targeted phishing (trap malicious links)

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