Logitech Z520 The best speakers 2011

| Minggu, 15 Mei 2011
Logitech Z520 Speaker System 

Manufacturer: Logitech
Logitech again, familiar language, this one vendor that can be said is the most nimble vendors and thirst for renewable technology, before the keyboard and this time the speaker may be tomorrow Muse or anything that smells of a computer solely to facilitate the operator in the operation.
Pros: computer speakers with 2 year warranty from Logitech is one of the advantages that no other manufacturer.
Disadvantages: Most of the Logitech products are still lost in the sound quality and bass are monotonous from year to year.
Conclusion: Although offering 2 year warranty, but the sound quality and bass that makes the monotony of Logitech speakers is still less interested.
Specifications 2011 Best New Computer Speakers
Bring your music to life at your desk and around the house.
All-around sound Wherever you go in the room, these speakers will of sound crisp and clear even if you're behind Them.
Party Power These speakers have 26 watts (RMS) of power so you crank up the volume for a party and hear subtle details, too.
Plug and stay You've got easy access to all your music with an auxiliary input lets you stay That connected to your PC and iPod.
Frequency Response: 70Hz â € "20kHz Sensitivity: N / A Speaker Type: 2-way - Active Impedance: N / A Output Power: (Total) 26 watts
Connectivity Auxilary Input: (1 / 8 in./3.5 mm) 1x Headphone Input: (1 / 8 in./3.5 mm) 1x Other (RCA, etc.)
Drivers Per Speaker Tweeter: 2x 2-in. Midrange / woofer Subwoofer 1x 4-in. Full-Range Passive Radiator Dimensions Height 7.8 ins. Width 3.5 in. Depth 3.5 in. Weight (Total) 5 lbs. Help & Support Warranty 2 years Phone Support: Check Mark Email Support: Check Mark Live Chat User Forums: Check Mark FAQs / Knowledge Base: Check Mark User's Manual: Check Mark Mac OS X Support: Check Mark Windows 7, Vista, XP Support

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