Tablet computers is booming

| Jumat, 06 Mei 2011

Tablet computers is booming and mengahantui anyone who is always fond of each new technology. This touchscreen-based gadget getting a place in the hearts of consumers. Then what is the main reason people love to wear such a iPad tablet, Galaxy Tab or Motorola Xoom?

Bureau of the leading research, Nielsen, try to examine the reasons why people use the tablet. Here are the results as quoted from Fortune, Friday (05/06/2011):

- Easy to carry anywhere (31%)
- Interface / operating system easy to use (21%)
- Startup / off fast (15%)
- Convenient use (12%)
- The compact size (12%)
- Can be used in various places (12%)
- faster performance (11%)
- Like its features such as applications or calendar (10%)
- Light weight (7%)

On the tablet sales, Nielsen found that Apple iPad tablet is still very dominant with 82% market share. Then in second place there is the Galaxy Tab very far away with only 4% market share.

Tablet computers, for some people, it also minimizes the use of other devices such as desktop computers. Some 35% of owners claimed to be rarely use the tablet computer. While 32% of consumers tablets which also have a laptop, so quite rarely use the laptop.

so maybe this is the reason everyone preferred to use a computer tablet pc or notebook computer rather than even, more simple and practical and easy.

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