How to resolve flash disk unreadable

| Senin, 24 Oktober 2011

I'm sure of us have experienced the same thing, in which Flash disk completely unreadable by the computer, when the flash disk has never experienced any thing.

That makes us more dazed and confused in her, is the computer we actually know of any flash disk with a response icon on the Taskbar, however, the flash disk itself totally illegible.

Ok Directly to the point only.

A. Changing the flash to be enabled.
  Flash not detected could be because the flash is in a disabled state. To make the flash is so enabled, it can be done through the device manager.

1. After the flash is plugged in, open the device manager. To open the device manager there are a few ways. The first way to right-click [MyComputer]> [Properties]> select the [Hardware]> [device manager]. The second way is to right click [MyComputer]> [Manage]> [Device manager].

2. Once the device manager window appears, click the [+] on [disk drives].
3. Will display the disk being mounted dikomputer, both disk and flash. If the flash drive there is a red cross mark, means the flash is in a disabled state. To change this done right click on usb flash drive then select the [Enable].

 B. Changing the drive letter and paths

  1. Go to disk management. Right-click [MyComputer]> [Manage]> [disk management]. On Windows 7: Right-click [Computer]> [Manage]> [Storage]> [disk management].
   2. In the right pane, right click the flash drive shobat then select change drive letter and paths.

 3.Klik OK and Finish.

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