how to solve error bX-u5aad6 on blogspot

| Senin, 17 Oktober 2011
I just want to share information only, like where the origin of this error bX-u5aad6 can arise and make us not able to login, it's in because we have too long not update the blog so it comes the error like this, but you do not worry to overcome errors bX-u5aad6 for this error is only machine-made and man-made machines must still no solution. What is the solution of this solution:

1. You only need to log in via with ID and Password same as In a draft of this blogger you are still able to access and manage accounts at your blog like

2. Then, add a new admin on your blog, to add a new admin the following way:

1. Login to
2. Click on Settings
3. Permissions section click the Add Authors
Fill in the email that the new admin.
Confirm by clicking the link that sent bloggers into a new admin email inbox.

well now you are able to login with a new email, but you only have the right to write on the blog. Well, that new mail has admin equivalent rights, please login with your old email account on, then on the author, give admin rights on the new email by clicking the down arrow on the right side of the list author.

If you want to keep using in writing and managing the blog, can use this way.

Login via with ID and Password just like
Then, change the settings you bloggers from other language support.
Sign Out of your blogger account draft.
Try logging into as usual.

Feel the difference and the sensation may help fellow bloggers.

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