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These are some tips so that your facebook account is not hijacked or hacked (hacked), is actually easy and very simple, and for you as a user (the user) that uses a mobile phone please immediately in setting his account on the computer, so more clearly and freely to download his account settings.
Do not display all your profile information, including the Basic Information, Personal Information and Contact Information, especially email addresses, IM screen and Website. (Included in the Group that you created).
Email Address
Suggested email addresses are not displayed in your profile. How: Choose Settings and then click Privacy Settings, then select the Profile menu, then select the Contact Information section, then in the drop down menu IM Screen Name and Email Screen Name transformed into "no one".
For the suggested password does not match the email password, and a minimum of 10 characters (numeric and alphanumeric). Example: webku456987oke. Why the password should be like that?, Because with the format as it would be difficult for the hijackers to randomize your password and do not ever use your birth date password.
This is the third way by the hijackers do to find your email address, because if you supply your personal website address such as Multiply, Blogger, WordPress, Friendster, Twitter, Plurk and others, the pirates are very clever and a lot of sense to look for your email. Therefore if you have a website and include it on Facebook please do not display your email address on your personal website.
Always check the privacy settings on facebookSafety tips Facebook
This is very important, because here where anyone who can arrange to see our facebook, what's on show in our profile. and much more. examine it carefully.
A. Surfing on facebook.1. Create a fake profile data do not make the original profile data directly towards us.
2. For those of you who like to play games or use other third-party applications on facebook. would not hurt to make a new facebook game for the special use application, because when we go in this application shall mean a little market we are willing to give us personal information to third parties.
2. Do not release the update status, such as writing rude words, seronoh and invective because facebook will immediately assume you are violent and will be directly blamed on the lock.
3. Keep in mind when we update the status of our friend on facebook will be able to read. So you should be careful not to update the status update something that could have a negative impact on us.
B. Playing safe in cyber cafes
1. if you open facebook in the cafe please use Notepad and calculator as a virtual replacement keys [prevent hackers using stolen password keyloger as the media]
if your password using digits (0-9)
for example your password is: 17081945
on the calculator application please click on the numbers by using your mouse (due to movement of the mouse could not have been records by keyloger) activate its first Screen keyboard.
then copy and paste in the password.
combination of digits (0-9), letters (az) and (!@#$%^ character and so on)
please type the key letter at random on a notepad. Then copaz only letters, numbers, and symbols of who you use as a password, the password section.
2. Close your account
Always remember to close the (sign out) your account every time you will leave the cafe.
Then suggested to remove the cache / clear private data on the browser you use.The trick Tool - option-clear history.
3. Lastly make sure you play facebook, in the cafe which is safe from hackers and ensure that the cafe does not have spyware / programhack that can be used to hack your account
until a friend here hopefully can help.

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