This century the most advanced computer technology

| Rabu, 29 Juni 2011

The most advanced computer technology this century Tianhe-1A
Must be recognized it would not want that computer technology today is no longer owned by Americans but rather a bunch of china as the winner of this century technology
Sophisticated computer technology currently owned China named Tianhe-1A. Tianhe 1A has broken a record by doing as soon as 2000 trillion calculations in one second. Do not be surprised by the cost of the project to make this the most advanced computer technology.
China needs Fifty Million Euros and employs two hundred technicians with two years of workmanship. Tianhe Computer-1A should also use 103 pieces of cooling.
Tianhe-1A capable of reaching speeds of up to 2507 that exceeded his rival petaflop Cray XT5 The former Jaguar's U.S. energy department.
Tianhe1A designation itself comes from the Mandarin, which means in the Indonesian language is the Milky Way. Tianhe-1A when compared with ordinary computers in the market today with the ability to lead top 14 000 times powerdalam data processing.
The number totaled 7000 graphics processor with the same kind of fruit which is used for playing video games on a regular computer, with fruit 7000 graphics processor so you can imagine how the speed.
The advantages are worth a thumbs up although it has a superfast technology world, computers are not forgotten how to save energy. National University of China is the place to make this the most advanced computer technology projects through the department of defense technology. UNC is located in the northern port city of Tianjin.
1A for China Tianhe function used for meteorological and geophysics agency hers. With the specification is to look at studying the weather in China. Also used also to be able to help improve the development of the oil industry.
In addition investors trading stocks on Wall Street is also using it to process 24 hours a superfast computer-assisted trading using a type-1A Tianhe. It is not likely they'll order a computer this Tianhe 1A. The position of the United States will be a real dilemma in the future if this is really happening and China will move into the center of world technology.
That so the issue at this time whether China will continue to update its technology or the U.S. that will mimic the genius of the nation of China.

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