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| Kamis, 24 Maret 2011

Historical development of computer software
Computer software is a collection of instructions or statements in the form of stacking logic and code that can only be understood by computers. Computer software is a gradual increase or change from year to year in its development. Based on the development, the History of Computer Software that is divided into several era Pioneer Era, Stable, Micro, and Modern.Mungkin without a software that acts as a medium then a unit of the computer will not help us much, especially if it is connecting with a job all would seem not useful at all, software and hardware is a single unit on a computer that serves to perform the functions and duties, respectively - each, we interpret as a vehicle Hardware and Software we interpret as the machine and operator as The driver, all have the same role - just as important to execute one command, Here's The History of Computer Software:
1. Pioneer Era. In the Pioneer Era This form of computer software in the beginning is the connections between the cable into the computer, the way in accessing the computer is to use a punched card is a card in the holes. The use of computers was still carried out directly, a program used for a particular machine and for a particular purpose. In this era of computer software is one unit with a computer hardware.
2. Stable Era. In this Stable Era command lines that the computer software executed by the computer no longer a one-one, but already many processes will be undertaken simultaneously (multi-tasking). Computer Software in this era are also able to resolve many users (multi user) and rapid / immediate (real time). In this era began in the know also the database system, which separates between programs and data.
3. Micro Era. In this era of micro-computer software can be divided into several parts, namely Software Systems (Windows, Linux, Machintos, etc.), Software Applications (Ms.Office, OpenOffice, etc.) and Language Software / Programming Languages ​​(Assembler, Visual Basic, Delphi, etc. )
4. Modern Era. In this modern era of computer software is not just for a computer but also has a mobile phone is equipped with a software system such as Android, Symbian, etc.. Level of intelligence displayed by the computer software is increasing, in addition to technical problems, computer software is now also beginning to recognize the sound and picture

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