How to wisely choose the most qualified computer

| Sabtu, 26 Maret 2011

when should you buy a computer you should consider adjustments to the needs that you need to use appropriate and useful
Three different sourcesWhen about to buy a new computer, it helps you find information hardware as much as possible from three sources: the user computer, media and manufacturing. All three certainly have a different perspective.
From users, especially those who already have experience, you can get a weakness and it keuggulan hardware. You also can follow the computer-related mailing list, and ask your confusion there, because the mailing list users often sharing information.
Information can also look for computer products in print media or electronic and manufacturing. From this third perspective, you can sort out which hardware that fits your needs.MemoryIt is better you not only have relied on the CPU speed and large hard disks. People sometimes do not pay attention to the needs of RAM (random access memory) memory aliases. In fact when the computer has limited memory, the system will not tell if he (computer-red) take memory. Eventually the system will use a hard disk instead of memory, technical language known as virtual memory or swap space. Should, Arm your computer with sufficient RAM. For example, at least 2 GB of RAM if you want to use the most recent operating system and all its features (Windows Vista-ed).
Test productFirst test of computer equipment to be purchased, for example conditions the keyboard, mouse and monitor. If you want to buy a laptop, make sure the mouse is pointing to work well. Note also the brightness of the monitor, especially laptops that are often used in bright areas. Make sure your monitor displays in good condition and in accordance with your eyes.
BrandTo be sure, most of the computer is made of the same components. Even so, choose the computer peripherals that have good customer support. Do not rely on one particular brand of PC, that PC brand A is better and much faster than the PC brand B. You can ask for references from friends and other users who have been using the product. Also check the warranty, support its products on the site, or if you need to contact the call support company with some questions.Moment discountComputer is largely a commodity. Therefore, in the market a lot of promo-promo digeber product aggressively. Nothing wrong if you look at stocks that have long product because it is usually the manufacturers reduce the price of long products, following a number of new models entering the computer. They usually also provide other incentives by offering special discounts, such as special promotions. More information about the computer

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