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| Rabu, 30 Maret 2011

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2011 in Las Vegas ended. Various electronic gadgets latest generation of future trends exhibited complete.
Xoom from Motorola Mobility was ordained as the best gadget at the show Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2011
Here are the best gadget that hit the market::
1. Motorola Xoom One of the killer iPad at CES 2011. Xoom is equipped with dual-core processor has a speed of 1 GHz. In addition, Xoom also supported by the memory of 1 GB, 32 GB internal storage capacity and can be enlarged by using the SD card.
For display, the Motorola set-size 10.1-inch LCD screen. Xoom also has two cameras, namely the resolution of 2 MP on the front and 5 MP on the back accompanied by a flash lamp.
Honeycomb aka Android 3.0 is claimed to be the first Android operating system created specifically for the tablet. Xoom be special because the tablet first to adopt the Honeycomb.
2. BlackBerry Playbook BlackBerry Playbook other tablets were also present to kill the iPad. With processor dual-core Cortex A9, as well as 7-inch screen. Playbook will quench the thirst of BlackBerry users will be tablet PCs.

3. Motorola Atrix Motorola introduces new 4G phones Android. The phone is equipped with dual-core processor Nvidia, Tegra 2 1GB of RAM, and OS 2.2 Froyo named Motorola's Android Atrix 4G.
From the side view, the phone is still using Motoblur UI as the previous generation phone. This phone has 16 GB of internal storage capacity, and can be filled with a maximum of 32 GB memory card. Atrix 4G is expected to come the first quarter of 2011.
4. Sony OLED 3D Headset
Sony OLED 3D Headset3D Headset Sony-like properties in the movie Tron: Legacy. This device is suitable for use as 3D technology partner OLED TV, Plasma, LED and so on. The headset is packed with two 3D OLED screen resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.

5. Sony Bloggie 3D This is the first 3D pocket camera device in the world. This product has two lenses, two image sensors, and stereo mic to create 3D video amateur. The price is cheaper than a camcorder today.

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