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| Rabu, 30 Maret 2011

Sometimes we are often annoyed because our computer at work that may be slow due to lack of memory or processor that already katrox and for the upgrades we need a lot of money even though pockets of students like us it's just barely buy food aja picky about what else to buy memory or processor donk yes dear, but I still have a solution that can be said we do not have to pocket a lot now I basically explain dulu.Pada computer is a tool that can work if there are software tools or software.
If you are still using the standard Windows software, your computer performance are also standard. Many hidden configuration that is in your windows. When - when now it's been a lot of software that allows you to uncover the secret behind the programs configuration windows. If the exact configuration as needed, then your computer will get faster in performance as well as connections to the Internet. No need to change their hardware or upgrade, try first to download "tweak" your computer. Guaranteed you will be more FAST computer!
We have a solution, we have some time to collect software tweaks to speed up the computer. And you no longer need to upgrade hardware that could be considered expensive. If you have to "tweak" your computer, then your computer will be 60% faster and more convenient to use for internet purposes.
If you've read or know about the "tweak" the software below would be very useful for you.
1. Software efficiency of RAM, among others:
Gold MemMonster Http: / / MemoKit Http: / / MemTurbo II Deluxe Http: / /
2. Software set the "hidden setting" windows:
PC Booster Http: / / Winboost 4 Http: / / PowerPro Http: / /

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