Tips and tricks to overcome the slow computer

| Rabu, 30 Maret 2011

Computer indeed is something that can not be terpisahakan of our daily life and activities - day, let alone the computer itself on the allotment to resolve the tasks - tasks that are important, but if you see a computer that is running very slow sometimes make us upset and frustrated, under this some tips to overcome them:
1. Too many applications installed
If you want to install the software should be an important and necessary, do not be too much mengistall software that is not used. This will automatically get the computer space that eventually will affect the computer itself. If you've already installed, you can remove them with a way to uninstall the application from the control panel.
How to click Start>> Control Panel> Add or Remove programs>> Select the application or software that will be deleted>> Then click on Remove.
2. Many junk files
This is probably often overlooked much that is forgotten by most people do not know junk files that should be in the waste. That the purpose of garbage files are: the files in the recycle bin, cookies, IE history, bak files, temporary files, etc.. When deleting unused files, those files are automatically deleted from your hard drive. Actually still stored in the recycle bin folder, and if you want to take back the files you have deleted was still able. You can delete all the files in the recycle bin because of all the files are still there in the hard drive.
Make sure you select the files that are already tidk used anymore, because when emptying the recycle bin then the files will be deleted permanently and can not be recovered. Cookies are also junk files that must be cleaned, the file will appear when we are connecting into the internet network. You can delete cookies in interrnet options in each browser (IE, Firefox, Opera, ETC.)
In addition to cookies history also affects the computer system (... although a bit), the more history is stored the greater the memory required. History files will automatically be made if we do browsing on the internet, if not in the clear will affect computer performance. Clean the history file on: Menu Tools>> Internet Options>> on each browser used.
And keeping application that automatically saves a backup file (Backup) like. Bak, backup, and others. So when saving a file the old file will still exist with a different name or format the BAK file. Clean the double files are not used, but it must be ensured that the last file saved is a file in use.
3. Many start-up application
Some of the software when first installed will menediakn choices are: Icon added to the desktop, and Quick launch, preferably if the application is not required do not need meletakanya in desktop or quick launch, because when I first start windows it will take a long time to me_load program.
Indeed, in passing will facilitate the application because we just click in the taskbar and application ikonya any way. But in fact become a burden the system because it must provide its own memory. This can slow computer performance.
Arrange Many diagnostic applications that are needed to how to set the configuration. Run from the Start menu>> Run>> typing msconfig>> Enter>> Disable the application that is not really necessary.
4. Scandisk and routinely Defragma
Like humans, computers are often used also need a refresher, especially if the computer frequently to play games, one of them is to do the scan disk and Defragma periodically, once every two weeks or once a month but the ideal is once a week depending on the frequency of computer use . Although something trivial but often forgotten some people.
Perform regular scandisk to fix hard drive crashes that often result in a sudden power failure. In addition to regular scandisk, defragma not least, this is very useful when high levels of computer use, the files should be placed as appropriate for the space (sector) is not empty apart, if messy file placement can result in slow computer performance.
5. Shutdown error
A very slow computer performance makes us upset she made, the more days makinlambat only. Sometimes the computer hangs suddenly when we're busy playing games, we will automatically turn off the computer by pressing the Restart button on the PC casing, so that we can not turn off the computer via the shutdown process because all the buttons keboard dead.
If we often turn off the computer via the boot, long may result in system oprasi not run normally and the hard drive will be damaged (Bad Sector). This is exacerbated keaadaan because the files exist in the system can not read bad sectors, so that the computer often hangs.
Now you can see the results, after the restart

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