Blocking google youtube for OS windows 7

| Senin, 25 April 2011
Congratulations to to the users of Windows 7 much less about the hobby would be fun just to enjoy youtube feud Google and Microsoft to dominate the mobile platforms business. The problem recently has been circulating the news that Google has allegedly deliberately hindering smartphone based on Microsoft's Windows Phone to access functionality and services from YouTube, which in fact is now officially owned by Google after acquired some time ago.
I hope OS Windows XP home not only that in the block. I think you were in line with my saya.karena less like OS Windows 7 with all the applications that are less compatible with some types of games.
Complaints against the software giant based in Redmond was officially presented to the European Commission. In these complaints, the Microsoft protest Google has hindered competition in certain matters, including the one in the business sector platforms and mobile devices are a concern.
In a recent blog post, Brad Smith, who served as Senior Vice President & General Counsel at Microsoft Corporation, explains how Google has blocked WP7 device to be able to access YouTube, as appropriate.
"In the year 2010 and a recent case, Google has blocked the latest Microsoft Windows Phone to access YouTube," explained Brad Smith.
"Google has let the Android-based phones to access YouTube besutannya own so that users can search the video category, find your favorites, view ratings, and so forth in various user interface offered by the mobile-phone platform based on them."
In other words, or more precisely, the devices based on Windows Phone from Microsoft is in fact unable to access YouTube metadata in a similar way as the devices are powered by Google Andorid operating system that is able to do it with ease.
This will significantly limit the features available to users when accessing Windows 7 Phone YouTube furthermore, while the limited access the service or any application-based service.
Microsoft claims that by far the capabilities associated with Windows 7 Phone YouTube plugin available on the Marketplace in fact be regarded much less when compared with what can be done by Android or iPhone.
"As a result, applications on Microsoft Windows Phones Youtube is basically just a browser that displays web site YouTube, without the various functionalities that are offered on mobile competitors", said Brad Smith.
"Microsoft is ready to release a high-quality YouTube application for Windows Phone. We just need permission to access YouTube in a way that other phones already do, and so far Google has refused to give such permission "
According to Microsoft, this is just one of several examples that revealed that Google has hindered the competition so far and the irony of Google is also doing similar things in other areas.

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