Ways To Slow Computer 100% successful

| Jumat, 15 April 2011

Personal experience personally guaranteed nich try it worked.
Make you who feel very very slow computer could use this method try it if do not believe in and see for yourself.
This personal pengalamn and already applied, you do not have to do the install, or install hardware or whatever kind of nature to increase the attractiveness of your computer
All you have to do is enter just messing tweaking the auto settings on the easy and simple regedit cepat.mau know how nyasaya love how:
1) go star menu>> run>> regedit 2) go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER> Control Panel>> Desktop>> MenuShowDelay double click and change the numbers to 10 The next search HungAppTimeout double click and change the numbers by 5 2) Go to HKEY_CURRENT_MACHINE>> System>> ControlSett001>> Control>> WaitTokillServiceTimeout double click and change the figure with the figure of 500 ControlSett002 next>> Control>> WaitTokillServiceTimeout Double-click and change the numbers to 500 Next CurrentControlSet>> Control> Session Manager> Memory Management>> DisablePagingExecutive double and Replace number with 1
After Everything Done Exit Regedit and restart your computer You Then See The result, if you say there is no change in pinch me because you've lied .. he .. he .. he .. kidding me, hope this little article could be useful for you.
Well only time your computer is still slightly less fast in loading applications and other programs try to go to C: / Windows / Prepetch / and delete all the contents contained therein.
Furthermore, If it still looks too slow Go to Windows Explorer>> Drive C: Right Click Properties and Clean Up. Setetelah Done You Defrag, I do You Use Application advice Defragment Raxco that Version 10 For I have try on after finish Not Just be sure to File - File Data Only Go But Up System and the registers are also involved in his tidy.
I also pegel ngetiknya its session 2 I go .... tomorrow is still much to be done to make our computers run without stopping maximum. successfully mate

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