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| Jumat, 15 April 2011

Computer networks and the Internet is now a need for a vital and it is believed that with a lot of computer network resources can be saved, such as funds, personnel, and others. In addition, with computer networks and Internet data traffic goes very fast, precise and accurate without any limits of space and time.
The use of e-mail, sharing and better data transfer cable, fiber optic and VSAT technology with VPN (Virtual Private Network) is already commonly done by almost all companies today, with so much needed network security system that is really reliable and can dispel various problems of data security e-mail in your server.
Currently, many not a few antivirus programs, both new and old that continue to be updated antivirus capabilities. Various antivirus company Mc Affee bleak, AVG, and others continue to seek to create new innovations for their antivirus programs are able to deter and eradicate spam, warm and viruses. In addition to manufacturing companies in particular antivirus program, concern as a corporate giant Microsoft operating systems, applications and programming languages, it is also very concern about data security systems and e-mail from the interference coloring, spam and virus.
Since a few years ago, Microsoft is already creating a network-based antivirus systems berlebel Microsoft Forefront. Antigen which is rebranded as Microsoft Forefront has nine anti-virus scan engine. With nine engine that is applied will be very difficult for any virus to escape.
Microsoft Forefront is already diinegrasikan for some network-based applications including Microsoft Forefront Security for Exchange Server, Microsoft Forefront Security for SharePoint, Microsoft Forefront Security for Office Communications Server, Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server and Microsoft Forefront Client Security.
Nine Antivirus Engine
There are two layers of very tough security in Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, first lie outside the network parameters (DMZ). In this case the Exchange has been built in the Anti-Spam, and the second is the anti-virus Forefront Security for Exchange Server and nine anti-virus engine in it will always be updated various types of viruses.
According to Novi, Microsoft Indonesia "This new system will check the email body and examine whether the files or e-mail that is prohibited because it allegedly contains confidential information. If found, then automatically emails will not be sent. Here the user can not add their own disclaimer , because the system will add a standard disclaimer on each email. "
Forefront Security for Exchange Server provides antivirus protection enabled at the server level to guide multi-scan machines, are also capable of combining the antivirus scan engines to laboratories around the world, it is automatically a few machines will protect your data from virus attacks. In this case you can choose up to five antivirus engines to activated, including anti-virus engine made by Microsoft and several additional machines become providers. Some machines that are partners Mcrosoft, including CA, Norman Data Defense Systems, Sophos, AhnLab, VirusBuster, Authentium, and Kaspersky Lab. Microsoft Forefront Security for Exchange Server provides support for the anti-spam from the Edge Transport server role to include updates automatically filtering against spam containing specific data as well as access to Microsoft IP Reputation Service, said Novi.
Forefront for Exchange Server
In this paper identifies not as a whole, but is limited to Microsoft Forefront for Exchange Server. Actually, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 itself is equipped with protection technology to help keep the system running and protected from virus, worm or trojan. Protection mechanism is applied to the Edge Transport server that has an e-mail gateway protection in the perimeter network. While the Exchange Hosted Filtering and Forefront Security is a security feature that becomes part of the Microsoft Echange Server. These features can actually give a sense of security in order to protect the company's e-mail gateways and other disorders, such as a virus that is increasingly fierce. In addition, the Microsoft Exchange server also has enabled the manufacture of cluster. Ability aims to keep the email they can be used in a single server or multiple servers without room and geographical boundaries.
Meanwhile, Ir. Gunawan Ramli, when contacted by phone some time ago said that in general, a computer virus grown much faster than the virus, usually after a virus, spam or warm circulating through the network, the company's new anti-virus makers try to create or update their antivirus programs. One thing that is interesting according to the aide Ketuia STIKOM mentions Binaniaga Bogor, Microsoft previously kuranag attention to this problem, in two or three years has started to concern tehadap this antivirus program. Sebutsaja such as Microsoft Forefront Microsoft Exchange Server. The program is capable to dispel the various matters relating to viruses and spam, especially an e-mail either incoming or e-mails that were sent, he added.
Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 seenarnya been able to help your company make a strong defense of spam and viruses, where it will protect your e-mail traffic on the network and internal servers. In this case, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 provides a choice of how network security will be applied. Edge Transport server rules server can be made as needed, and gateway protection can be included as the services controlled by Exchange Hosted Filtering. Both of these alternatives can diterepkan through the Exchange Enterprise Client Access License (CAL).
Regardless of the selected gateway email security, antivirus software should still be installed internally in order to maintain an email server virus attacks among local users. In this case Forefront Security for Exchange Server will simplify the installation of the mailbox, client access and hub transport server roles. Sophistication Microsoft Forefront provides flexibility antivirus program from a third party can also be integrated into the Exchange that the point to strengthen protection against virus attack mail in your server.
Microsoft Forefront Security for Exchange Server, is a product known as antigens, which provides virus protection for Exchange Server roles in an internal network. For organizations that build the Edge Transport server role, Forefront Security also provides anti-virus protection on the network side and will strengthen the anti-spam capabilities in addition to the Edge Transport server role. In this case Forefront included as part of the Exchange Enterprise Client Access License (CAL), however, can also be purchased separately.
The sophistication of the Microsoft Forefront Security for Exchange Server will provide server-level antivirus protection with manual multi-scan machines. Also, good content filtering capabilities and reliable, it would combine anti-virus scan engine to the laboratory in the world. So that some machines will automatically protect the customers or consumers of the attack or the latest generation of virus problems.
In the Forefront Security for Exchange Server, customers can select up to five antivirus engines to be enabled. Of course, including anti-virus engine made by Microsoft itself and some additional machines that have become providers. We have several machines that have become partners Mcrosoft, among other CA, Norman Data Defense Systems, Sophos, AhnLab, VirusBuster, Authentium, and Kaspersky Lab and others.
Another thing that is also very convincing from the Microsoft Forefront Security for Exchange Server is didukungannya against anti-spam capabilities of the Edge Transport server role to include filtering updates automatically, especially to data that indicates a special spam as well as access to Microsoft IP Reputation Service.
In the default state, anti-spam updates on the Edge Transport role is done manually. But in this case, for a network administrator must visit Microsoft Update every two weeks to download and install updates. However, Microsoft Forefront Security Automatic Update service facilities, so that will keep the Edge Server to remain safe and comfortable without intervention from network administrators.
Another thing that is not less important in the Forefront Security for Exchange Server, which is where the Edge Transport server role will receive daily updates about spam marker data. Data markers of this spam is essentially a small, but had a certain time limit. And thus they will be downloaded by the Edge Transport server role and is used in filtering to convert the data into the spam Spam Confidence Level is better known.
Meanwhile, Microsoft IP Reputation Service which is a list of blocked IP at a given time using the Edge Transport server role to block connections from known spammers. This listing is exclusively granted to the user via an Exchange Server Forefront Security for Exchange Server.
With increasingly sophisticated and changing the architecture of Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, it is very possible third-party antivirus software to be integrated into the infrastructure of this Exchange. There are some technologies that are applied to the Exchange Server, among others, Deep Integration for Antivirus Scanning. With Deep Integration for Antivirus Scanning, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 has a way of virus scanning is more effective, efficient, and can be programmed at the level of transport. In addition to ongoing support of Virus Scanning API (VSAPI) at the mailbox database, Exchange Server 2007 adds support for the transport agent on the Hub Transport and Edge Transport server roles. In addition, third-party developers can create specialized agents who use MIME and TNEF Exchange machine to the way antivirus scanning.
With the availability of the Stamp Antivirus, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 has a bookmark facility antivirus antivirus scanning to help reduce the number by marking messages previously scanned or examined by antivirus software and its results. Antivirus Marker will then be sent along with the message on the company and will be used for determining whether to perform an additional scan or not. Signs that show this will bring information anywhere that has done scanning and when a final message being scanned. So with enough information that causes the scanning that is selective for eradication of the virus as well as make optimal scanning process on the network.
By running attachment filtering on the Edge Transport and Hub Transport servers, an administrator can increase the protection of files and types of unwanted prior to entering or leaving the office via e-mail. Here the administrator can scan and block an attachment by size and type of file, such as shape files xzip can be researched by type of file. Therefore, an administrator can check the secret of email attachments that will come out.

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