Overcoming computer restarts continuously

| Selasa, 12 April 2011

Here are easy tricks and easy Overcome RESTART WINDOWS AND CONTINUOUS fails to boot. When a computer fails to boot when what you do?, Usually you immediately think something wrong deh.Tapi reinstall windows to re-install required substantial time, to install windows wrote about 1 hour yet ...
install other programs like office, photoshop, coreldraw dll.Sebenarnya windows you can fix that fails to boot as windows restarts continue to regard his statement as a "Unmountable boot volume", "Missing NTLDR press any key to reboot" or "ntoskrnl.exe missing or corrupt ". Use the Windows XP installation CD to repair the damage tsb.Berikut steps:
1. When the message "Unmountable boot volume" means the lost / damaged files boot.ini.Cara fix the following:
* Boot with the Windows XP CD, pas at page setup windows press the letter [R] to go into Recovery Console mode. * Select your windows partition and enter the Administrator password. * Go to command prompt, type chkdsk / p press enter. * After chkdisk finish then type fixboot, then press [Y] when the confirmation appears. * Then type exit.
2. When the message appears "Missing NTLDR press any key to reboot" it means missing NTLDR file, how:
* Same as the first way only after the entry into the command prompt type the command: * Copy x: \ i386 \ ntldr c: \ => Enter, then type: * Copy x: \ i386ntdetect c: \ * Replace x with your drive cdroom * Exit
3. Meanwhile, if the message "ntoskrnl.exe missing or corrupt" run the following ways:
* Still like the way the first one after entering the command prompt type the command: * Cd i386 => Enter. * Expand ntkrnlmp.ex_ => Enter. * C: \ Windows \ system32 \ ntoskrnl.exe => Enter again. * Exit
You can customize the command with the location or drive your windows installation, now turn on the computer as usual and see the windows you are running normally, so hopefully helpful.

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