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| Selasa, 12 April 2011

Blue Screen Make Heart is Also excited and confused as well make dizzy, now all you have to do is just sit while are accompanied by a cup of sweet coffee and a cigarette,

 That's the reality, Finding fault or damage with BSOD error is quite troublesome, although we have to keep track of about errors / defects that cause is more dominated BSOD Hardware damage or crash the old and new drivers.
Before I Knew About This problem, but with a lot of experience dealing with a Damaged Computer Friends, I got a lot of lessons,,

Now for more details about the BSOD and how to overcome the following Blue Screen Must classification and completion:

This error most often appears in times of Blue Screen.
The error message is usually caused because there is a mismatch drivers installed on your computer.
- Drivers who clashed or do not match
- Problems with the Video Card, this includes the video card in
overclock beyond the limit or you're just switching your video card and
Video card not uninstalling the old drivers from different chipset
- Problems on the Audio Card, include configuration errors or bugs in the sound card driver

2. NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM Information or FAT_FILE_SYSTEM (0X00000024) or (0X00000023)
This error message is at least a little to give a picture of where
damage is located, ie on the partition or housing a filesystem, but not
in HD.
We can check by examining the SATA or PATA cable or can check the partition with chkdsk tool.

When you get an error message like this, can be caused by:
- Hardware Overclock excessive
- Computer components that is too hot
- BIOS is corrupt
- Memory and CPU is disabled

This error message is caused because of the possibility that memory or the memory slot on the motherboard is damaged.

This error message is caused due to a hardware malfunction, including
main memory, video card memory, or memory in the processor (L2 Cache)

This error message is caused due to an error in configuration
hard drive jumpers are wrong, boot sector viruses, the IDE controller drivers
wrong, or mistake chipset drivers.

This error message is caused by the error occurred on
video card driver installation is less than perfect, restart at the time
installation or can also occur because of errors in the installation

This error message is caused because of this error can occur
because of error or incompatible drivers.
Often occurs when
installing XP from an upgrade, or not from the new installation.

This error message is caused due to a damaged RAM

This error message is caused by a defect CPU, or that the overclock
aggressively, and the power supply shortage of power or damaged.
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