Fantastic firefox 4 on the download 7.1 million per day

| Rabu, 20 April 2011

Mozilla is still able to puff out his chest because the newest browser, Firefox 4, downloaded 7.1 million times in 24 hours since it was launched on Monday (3/21/2011). That is, the number of people have downloaded it three times Internet Explorer 9 which recorded 2.35 million times downloaded within 24 hours after first released a few days earlier.
"We are very pleased to report that during the 24 hours since the announcement, it has been downloaded 7.1 million times," wrote Gary Kovacs on the Mozilla blog. He said, adds to 3 million users of version release candidate (RC), which eventually released as the final version of the total reached 10.1 million people. Until now, the news was written after more than three days already on the top downloaded 22 million times.
Interesting facts of Firefox is its open source. The browser is designed to encourage Internet free, open, and accessible to everyone. More than 50,000 people have joined the Mozilla community who contributed to the further development of these browsers from one version to the next.
However, things are more important today, according to Gary Kovacs, is not just the number of users that much. Firefox 4, according to him, began to pioneer the re-defining of the browser, from a series of traditional code to display the information as simple and static links into a safe environment for users to surf the internet.
"At the moment the more we access online, we would expect more from a browser environment. We certainly hope that he knows who we are, where to visit. We certainly expect the browser to remember something as simple as a trail, passwords, open tabs , open applications, and remember what our habits, to which the usual online, what tools to use, and without entering anything more, "said Gary Kovacs.
Firefox 4 comes with a more clean than the previous version, but still gives the opportunity for users to personalize the theme of choice is varied. Its features are also added to provide more comfort while online, such as tabs that can be grouped. Speed ​​to access the web is also much faster and supports graphics look better

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