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| Kamis, 07 April 2011

Many preached about the ferocity and brutality of this conficker virus, it has many fall victim every internet connected computer and network. No escape workstation also belongs instansi2 as reported in Karna is the process of spreading very fast through the network, the virus exploit vulnerabilities windows (service RPC DCOM) is not in the patch MS08-067 so that the virus will infect your computer. Symantec AV to recognize as a virus "Downadup.B" AV Norman as "Conficker", as well as many names in others. In already discussed how to resolve this conficker virus, but there are still some windows settings which are non-refundable even if the virus they have been inactive on the computer. There have been some removal of this virus, accidental aq've tried from Symantec, and according to the q still mending pake removal from Symantec because it is more simple and practical, yet still tetep not be 100% clean. This virus is not so disturbing if the computer cuman dipake typing / games, etc.. but if an online internet connection will be slow, because the virus access to multiple domains to update itself, and can not access security sites and AV, for example,, etc., because the virus is blocking access to there.
Here's how I use to clean the virus Conficker:

When you connect a network computer, decide beforehand with its network unplug or disable the LAN.
Download the virus removal conficker / Downadup here / fix.downadup (I recommend removal of Symantec, practical luwih karo cepet)
Then scan your computer by running the removal they will be, wait for it to finish, may disambi coffee or a snack, whatever, hehe
If there is error in the scanner, better repeat the scan at the time windows safe mode, restart your computer, click F8 before booting, select Safe Mode.
Ok, after the scan is complete, try restarting your computer again
Make your windows security patch MS08-067 patch Klik Here For Download
Antivirus installations are ok have, and do the update. So that the virus did not come back to attack your computer.
Hmm ... although conficker already inactive and windows again running normally, there are some additional settings windows that can not be deleted like the service and the registry, more details please read the article conficker from microsoft how to remove this.
So many of my, my advice, do not ever open a pornographic website and cracker / keygen, * for those sites are vulnerable and a lot of wandering virus / malware / spyware.

Download  W32 downadup removal tool

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