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| Jumat, 08 Juli 2011

Just share it with you-you may have experienced the same thing with me, and share information with you who have never known about this, I hope this information can be useful for you, Scareware did you ever know that I will share information for this.
When you are browsing you may have seen ads that offer "scan or system tune-up online, or antivirus online" for free, or you may have never received an email with ads about "free antivirus that offers a variety of free services and promises for your computer" , if you have experienced this at all, just be careful you're likely dealing with the name "Scareware", more ruthless than viruses with this because its good but bad, and really do not like to fool kita.saya once.
Scareware included in the category of scam software is software that seems designed to "help" you when secretly its main purpose is to "fool" you with a variety of ways. Scareware is also known as Rogue Scanner, can be shaped as antivirus, antispyware or other security programs.
Once successfully installed on your computer, scareware will immediately execute his evil action is to give warning that the system (computer) you got a virus and to eradicate the virus, you are encouraged to buy "full version" of scareware tersebut.Ujung-Ends Money, it was scareware is offered free of charge for your install, but then this scareware advise you to buy "full version", and just be careful, once you are fooled and immediately complied "scareware" yersebut to buy the "full version", and is certainly you must use a credit card to process the payment, then do not wonder if your credit card at a later date will receive bills for transactions you did not do. Besides the price "Full Version" of this scareware probably written "only" 20 U.S. Dollars, but once you do a transaction, do not be surprised if later on your credit card will be listed transaction is $ 200 U.S. Dollars or even greater, if I knew the maker programmer I would be very sick at all.
Scareware or Rogue Scanner, now widely circulated on the Internet and to attract people's attention, usually scareware not hesitate to advertise as "Free antivirus or Free System Tune Up". Not only that, they also actively send an email to potential victims who are considered potentially to be deceived by scam emails containing the latest news about a virus that is able to eradicate the viruses that are wandering today.
To determine whether antivirus software or Antispy you just installed includes scareware or not, you can check the "List of Antivirus or scanners that you should avoid". In addition, you remember, the main characteristic of Scareware is when he is installed on your computer, the scareware will immediately give a warning that your computer system or attacked by vicious virus, and to eradicate the virus you are encouraged to purchase the "Full Version" of scareware them.
If you already installed on your computer scareware, scareware NEVER allow this to connect to the internet. Then immediately do the uninstall from the computer scareware anda.Bagaimana still interested with antivirus Free berlable, please clean it if you no longer love your computer.

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