how to restore lost or formatted data.

| Senin, 18 Juli 2011

 To the One It Kayanya fun and exciting, because we face is the data woww, I'll share the story again this time on how to restore lost or formatted data.
PC Inspector File Recovery
PC Inspector File Recovery supports FAT 12/16/32 file system and NTFS. The new features include the partitions automatically even if the boot sector or FAT has been removed or damaged, recover files with original time and date, supports the saving of recovered files on network drives and recover files. Install the program on your computer by running the setup file from the file that you downloaded.
PC Inspector File Recovery offers an easy interface to use, display drive files can be restored / repaired in the navigation tree like Windows Explorer model. Download PC Inspector File Recovery. Data Doctor Recovery - Pen Drive
For lost or formatted data on the flash try using Data Doctor Recovery - Pen Drive. Data Doctor Recovery - Pen Drive can restore the data for several cases among other things: restore the lost files and folders; restore lost data caused by viruses; supports long file names; restore the data if the flash disk has been formatted with a different type of system or different parameters, and full support for Pen Drive (USB Flash), Memory Card, Flash Memory, Digital Camera USB suport.
How to use:

Install the software on your computer, enter the serial (provided in package)
Run the program, then point the cursor on the disk drive on the left form
Select Advanced Search to browse the best possible data that has been missing from your USB, click the right arrow "next"
Click next again to start searching for your data, and the program runs
When finished, select Next, and check list / select data anywhere that would be taken back to the form left
After that right click your mouse and select save / save and prepare a folder to store your data that has been returned.
Check the folder, if there was room for your data then this program is going well, and congratulations to you if your data back after the flash was on-disk format.
Close the program, if there is an option select "yes" to save the log data that has been executed.
Get software to download addresses the following link: Data Doctor Recovery - Pen Drive Ontrack Easy Recovery Professional
This software provides a solution which is very comprehensive with respect to missing data or data recovery of lost business due to:

Sectors that are not legible
Application errors, system, or shut down abnormally.
Damage to critical areas.
Other possible causes of data loss.
This software is installed on Windows 98 SE, Me, 2000, or XP, and able to recover the data for all the windows system. This software has four main features, namely:

Disk Diagnostics, which is a tool to check the condition of your hard drive is still good or not.
Data Recovery, is a tool to recover data / files as deleted, formatted, and so on.
Email Repair, which is a tool to restore your Outlook Express data is erased or damaged.
Repair files, which is a tool to improve data / file Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and ZIP (WinZip) file that is damaged due to virus or other reasons.
Let us look one by one facility that exists in this software.
Disk Diagnostics Ontrack Easy Recovery Professional An existing tool in Disk Diagnostics are:

Data Advisor, to make a recovery diskette.
Drive Tests, to test the physical condition of the hard disk (disk drive).
Jumper Viewer, to see where the jumpers on the hard disk.
Partition tests, to check the condition of disk partition.
Size Manager, to see the hard disk capacity
SMART tests, used to test the condition of Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology on a hard drive.
Data Recovery Ontrack Easy Recovery Professional
The tools that exist in the Data Recovery are:

Advanced Recovery, to look for data that already can not be recovered with another tool, namely because it was the format, including partitions, viruses, or anything else.
Deleted Recovery, to search for deleted data.
Format Recovery, to find data on the hard disk that has been formatted.
Raw Recovery, to find the missing files based on signatures.
Resume Recovery, all the recovery process can be paused and resumed at a later time.
Emergency Media, to create a floppy disk or CD that is used to recover data / files missing.
Ontrack Easy Recovery Professional Email Repair, used to restore your Outlook data and Outlook Express are missing.
Ontrack Easy Recovery Professional File Repair, used to restore the files of Microsoft Office and ZIP damaged.

This tool can repair the file Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and ZIP (WinZip) file the corrupted / damaged due to virus or other reasons.
The data file is missing or more difficult to recover if: 1) You add new files after you delete or format the hard disk. 2) you are using FAT32 in Windows XP. 

interesting is not it, well good luck and semiga your data can go back to normal, one more thing to use for your recovery siftware easy to operate, do not you use that are too complicated but you do not understand at all, this require that you know where the direction of recovery or refund your data can walk without problems afterwards.

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