This device is not configurate correctly

| Senin, 18 Juli 2011

"This device is not entered correctly configurate". This is because the drivers used are not suitable. Try to update or reinstall the drivers for these devices. Alternatively, try removing the device from Device Manager. However, by removing the device means you disable the use of the device.
If this error code appears, it means the device loader could not wake the device in question. There are two kinds of messages, depending on what device is failing. If the device fails the class as isapnp DevLoader Root Bus, PCI, or BIOS message that appears is "Windows Could not load the driver for this device Because the computer is reporting two (device name)". Try updating the BIOS.
If the device is not the Root Bus DevLoader, then the message is displayed "The (name of device) device loader for this device Could not load the device driver". Try to update drivers.

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