How To Solve Computer That Can not Boot Windows

| Jumat, 22 Juli 2011

When your computer will not boot it at all windows and show only a blue screen, here are some of the problem, but you have to repair:
1. There are files in the Windows operating system are not accidentally erased
2. There is a virus, spyware or trojans that come 'loading' when computer startup
3. There is a file (driver) is broken is broken, and when read by the Windows failed
4. There was damage to the hardware, especially in computer memory or hard drive
5. The Windows operating system installed is damaged or not finished
6. There are BIOS settings that are set incorrectly or the new modified
Here is the solution to deal with the problems on which you can do.
1. Startup using the method of 'safe mode' (press F8 or F5 when the computer was first going into Windows, then select 'safe mode'). If the computer made it into Windows means there is a 'loading' which can not be read by Windows properly. Turn off the 'loading' by using the command 'msconfig' in the startup (called at start> run> msconfig)
2. If the computer can not get into Windows, the easiest way is to repair Windows. The trick is to insert the Windows installation CD, then change the BIOS to startup via CD / DVD-ROM drive, after installation go to the install of Windows, the Windows repair option choices. You can re-install Windows to a new folder or reformatting the hard drive if it fails to repair Windows.
3. Make sure that you do not change the BIOS settings before, if there is you should restore it as original, if not forget you should select the option 'Loading the default BIOS'.
4. If the steps above fail all, there may be damage to the hardware. Damage is generally located on the memory and hard drive. VGA and mainboard may be damaged, but the probability is very small.
5. Damage to the VGA card drivers can also cause Windows can not enter. If that happens, you need to startup in the mode of 'safe mode' and then uninstall the VGA drivers are damaged first, and only re-install the VGA driver is correct when entered into Windows normally.
that the steps may be useful.

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