Tegra 2 dual core processors

| Rabu, 27 Juli 2011

Who is not familiar with the manufacturer of the need for the computer on this one.
NVidia is known as a company from the United States has now added grip for the type of computer accesoris that focus on the development of graphics processing units and chipset technology for PCs and mobile devices, will also show off the event which took place at Taipei Computex.
In a release on its website, will showcase the technology GetForce Nvidia, Tegra, and 3DVision. Nvidia will also show how technology can support from superphone computing devices to supercomputers. Would also exhibited the latest PC games and applications, photography and 3D video.
Based on reports PCWorld, CEOP Nvidia, Jen Hsun Huang told reporters that Nvidia will distribute 10 million Tegra 2 dual core processors by the end of June 2011. Tegra 2 known to be used on products Samsung Galaxy Tab, Acer and LG Optimus Transformer.
Huang also shows quad-core processors whose name is still a code, called Kal El. These processors can support products such as tablets and smartphones. Tablets with Kal El is said to be out in September while smartphones follow next year. Huang said, Kal-El will give better graphics for gamers and non gamers, and supports applications with higher efficiency. "Kal El could do all that Tegra 2 do, but with lower power," said Huang. Not to say if Kal El will end on a product called Tegra 3. But clearly, according to Huang, the tablet supported Kal-El could support gaming activities in a period of 4-6 hours to recharge.
Besides the processor, Nvidia will also showcase the latest wired 3D glasses with the price of 99 dollars. These glasses are said to be cheaper, simpler and without the battery. However, the cable still mepersulit movements while wearing them.
Complete our lives is now whether the technology continues to be developed by the developers we will jajal also, dare to try and feel the quality.

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