How to dual boot Windows and Linux

| Jumat, 22 Juli 2011

Maybe not new and not something new for you but for me this is a new thing, the computer can boot into two operating system windows xp and linux.

1.Hardisk you should be in for a few partitions, for example C: partition for Windows and partition D: are   you  going to install Linux. 2.Bila not yet on your hard drive partitions, you can use the software Partition Magic or Partition Master Easus.
3.Siapkan partition D: at 20 Gb for Linux
Both must be set active partition You should first install the Windows OS to the partition C: / and if your existing software to prepare your favorite Linux distro, input your Linux CD and Boot the computer using the CD.
4.Akan appear on your screen writings Linux initialization  If you're in the graphics card supported by Linux, then you will have the option to enter the installation mode in the GUI (Graphical User Interface).
5.Pilihlah Language, and Accept Terms and Condition.
Then choose "Expert Mode" for classes of installation. Choose Install.
Answer if you have a SCSI interface. 6.Pilih Mouse, Keyboard, Security Level (up to you).
At this stage you should be careful. This stage is the stage where you have to choose / create a partition  where Linux will be installed. Because you have installed Windows before, then you will see the blue color box (which symbolizes FAT: file system windows). Click on the disk, which is white (empty).
7.Linux Mandrake will automatically determine the type and recommended a large partition for it (you can change it whatever you like). At this stage you should select the type of file system ReiserFS, because it is faster access and more resistant to possible corrupt. Please note that when creating a swap partition, the type of file system is the need to 'Swap'. Once finished creating the partitions are determined, click the 'Done' and then choose Format. Click Ok. Choose what packages you want to install, set the root password, add user, set the networking, set of  services. create bootdisk. All this must have been you know if you have already installed Linux.
8 Linux will then notify any option that we want to display at boot time. We accept it by default. Then Linux will set the XWindows system. Done.
Once the computer restarted, then the screen will appear Lilo with options one of which is: Windows. So you can now choose to go into Windows or to Linux

for those who have never tried it a try.

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{ sawali tuhusetya } at: 19.19 mengatakan...

saya dulu juga pernah menggunakan dual boat utk si jendela dan linux mint. utk sementara ini karena baru instal ulang, saya masih pakai mono boat dulu. mudah2an lain kali saya bisa memakai info ini utk kembali ke dual boat.

{ Everyth1ng™ZM } at: 21.29 mengatakan...

@sawali sama saya juga


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