how m speed up Internet access to super fast

| Senin, 18 Juli 2011

Internet access is slow, quiet I have a solution for you secarar hierarchy I have tried and succeeded, mangkanya I try to share here hopefully can help you, I will be guided step-by step:
Step 1
* Right click on My computer * Select Properties * Then the HARDWARE tab-> Device manager * Select Ports -> Communication Port (double click on it and Open) * Then to Port Settings and make some changes: * In the "Bits per second" instead of a 128 000 * And "Flow control" option instead of the Hardware * Apply and then restart your computer.

* Use google public DNS (Domain Name System)
* When browsing the web is always used to compress web page compress so much lighter for the access, you can manfatkan site,
step 2
1. Speed ​​up Internet by compressing web pages, free software is good for the use of Toonel, Toonel can run on your computer if you have installed java. Well first download javanya here, new toonelnya, can be downloaded here.
Once both are installed and your Firefox browser settings by clicking Tools-Options-select the advanced tab and hold Network - Settings - select the Manual Proxy Configuration section fill in that column: localhost or as port 8080.
until here hopefully can help speed up your Internet access and good luck.

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