MSI graphics card cooling Twin Frozr III

| Selasa, 26 Juli 2011

Now we no longer haunt the fear of heat for graphics cards,
After the success of their graphics card cooler that is Twin Frozr II, MSI is now presenting the third generation of graphics card cooling their special designs such results. A number of changes have been made by MSI to make the cooling becomes more perfect.
MSI has made ​​some changes to their graphics card is pending. The first is the view. Twin Cooling Frozr III now has a greater physical appearance and well built. Fan protector made ​​from aluminum that is used is also larger and more muscular impression. The fan used is also a slight change in the form of blade-blade.

Regarding features, the MSI has added some features to support the cooling performance of Twin Frozr III. One is the Dust Removal System. Dust Removal System works to eliminate dust on the blades of the fan. This system will work when the computer was first turned on by turning the fan in the opposite direction for 30 seconds. By rotating the fan in reverse, the dust-dust are released into the bottom, and no longer kerbuang out like that happens to the fans who usually only play on normal and dump the heat out but still leave the dust in the air gaps in wall fan .

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