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| Jumat, 08 Juli 2011

As advances are more advanced computers and more sophisticated almost past the manufacturer's own capabilities, as well as the more sophisticated viruses will continue with increasing capabilities in the software itself are complementary and mutually reduced.

Perhaps the presence of virus does not rule out the possibility if the trigger advances in computer technology stems from the virus itself so the software maker to know the products they create.

Once you have the wrong click, then your computer was infected. One of the frequently performed of the virus is to eliminate the "Folder Options" in the Tools menu in Explorer, so that one result you can not change the option to view / show hidden files, until finally you can not access your hidden folder

If you experience like this, "Folder Options" missing you try one of the two following steps:

Step One:

Click the Start menu> Run

Type: "gpedit.msc" without quotes to open the Group Policy Windows

After that, go to: User Configuration> Administrative Templates> Windows Components> Windows Explorer.

In the right panel, look for "Remove the Folder Options menu item from the Tools Menu" and then double-click it and set the value to "Disabled"

Step Two:

Not the Registry Editor by typing "Regedit" in Run menu

Then look for the following key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ Explorer

and on the right panel look for: NoFolderOptions and set the value to 0

if you do not find NoFolderOptions, you live for yourself and enter a value of 0.

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